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Best Christmas Games & Apps for Android/iPhone

These Christmas Games and Apps may help you to make your Christmas moments more memorable

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Aug 12, 2021


Are you looking for Christmas apps that are both fun and educational? Well, I was and found it nearly impossible to get a good list. So I went digging and found my own. From Christmas apps, picture identification, vocabulary building, sequencing and so much more. And we have Android devices, 


So I made sure to find both Android and iPhone. These apps are fun and also give education to your Kids. I created this list so that you don’t have to find it and you can get everything in one place. These all Games & Apps I put on the list are free to use till I update them. Enjoy your Christmas day with this indoor activity. This type of activity is fun and at the same time also gives education. Here I am also sharing some applications that help you to make your Christmas day more enjoyable in simple ways. 


Check these awesome Christmas Games & Apps lists to make your Christmas more memorable with your loved ones. Christmas Greetings & Messages is the most important part of the Christmas celebration. Christmas day starts with sending a wish to your loved ones, So here is a collection of the best Christmas wishes & messages that you have to share with your loved ones. This is a quick sharing and makes a smile on their faces.


Christmas Games & Apps



Christmas Photo Maker:


Have you ever tried to take a Christmas photo on Christmas Day and place a Christmas ornament on your face? This is a little bit funny and also makes a beautiful Christmas and you get a Christmas mood. Try to make Christmas Photos with Christmas Photo Maker, these apps are available on Android. Count a Day until Christmas 2022 and then make a Christmas Photo and your kids will love this Photo for sure.

Christmas Photo Maker for Android & iPhone and send it to your family and friends


Jumping Santa:


When it comes to Christmas Games then I never ever missed sharing this Christmas Game. All kids love Santa Claus, kids always think that Santa Claus comes at midnight and leaves gifts for them. Santa Clause sends gifts to everyone but Santa doesn’t have many helpers…


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So here in this game, you have to help our Santa Claus send gifts to everyone. Start from the destination and send gifts to everyone and you have to be rich to the end of the destination. This is quite an interesting game to play with kids. 

Jumping Santa for Android & iPhone


Christmas Video Maker:    


Making a Christmas video is the best activity everyone enjoys while they create videos for their loved ones. You have to start making videos, first count the days until Christmas, and then make Christmas videos for your loved ones. Christmas video maker gives you so many features and the most important part is that you can create videos anywhere anytime. 

Christmas video maker for Android & iPhone


Christmas Greetings & Messages:


Send Christmas greetings & messages to your loved ones. This is the most important activity at Christmas, a quick and easy way to share your emotions with Greeting messages. Here are the best collection of Christmas Messages and wishes that you have to share with whom you love most  


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