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Fun Christmas Mobile Games To Play in Android & iPhone

Here are the collection of the Fun Christmas Games to play in Android & iOS

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Jul 21, 2021


If you are twiddling your thumbs and waiting for Santa Claus, then we have rounded up some of the best Android and iOS games to keep you busy that you can play in Android & iOS.

Whether it's running a festive farm, decorating a home, or baking yule logs, these Christmas-themed mobile games are sure to keep you in the festive spirit. So don your most garish jumper, hang up your stocking, and dive into the fun…


1. Jumping Santa


December is about to come and Santa has to deliver all the gifts in one night. It's hard for Santa to reach everywhere. So this time, he is going to jump, let's help him by playing this awesome game.

Jump higher as much as you can.

Reach to each pole... you may fall but never give up. Keep trying... survive as long as you can.

Download Jumping Santa for Android & iOS


2. Wow Christmas Wish - Video Maker


Wow Christmas wish is an animated wish maker, where you can choose an animation from thousands of different gifts, according to mood and season. This version is dedicated to all of our special days i.e Christmas.

It allows you to search for animations from the world’s largest animation provider and allows you to record audio and generate video. So now you can wish your dear ones in your own voice with good animations. The main purpose of this application is to allow you to send your voice to your near or dear one this Christmas. It sounds like a normal thing, here is a tweak that allows you to send your own voice to your near or dear one with custom animation, which makes it awesome.

You can enjoy the Wow Christmas Wish video Maker on Android and iOS





3. Christmas Budget Planner


Christmas Budget Planner Is a budget planning app to manage gifts that you buy or to plan a budget for these gifts. Simply add your budget for Christmas shopping and buy your gifts. In addition to all this, you can see the protected list of your budget list. protect your budget list with passwords.

Herewith the help of a Christmas Budget Planner, you can plan your gifts and budget for the Christmas holiday. Celebrate this Christmas with your dear one to give a gift and presence with your budget. In the Christmas Budget Planner, you can enter all your gift ideas for Christmas. With this feature you can never forget any of the gifts. You can define your budget and then start shopping for Christmas and track your expenses to meet your budget. When you purchase a gift for your dear one, then you can also mark this gift as a purchase and you will track your gift shopping in progress. You have full privacy with your Christmas list, you can protect your Christmas list with a password.

Download Christmas Budget Planner for Android


Even More Christmas Games


Hopefully, you have found a Christmas-themed mobile game on this list that takes your fancy and keeps you (or your offspring) occupied until Santa Claus pops his head down the chimney.


If you want even more fun, any adults reading this should check out our Christmas Apps. 

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