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How Many Lights Do You Need For Your Christmas Tree?

How Many Lights Do You Need For Your Christmas Tree?

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 12, 2020


How Many Lights Do You Need For Your Christmas Tree?


At this Christmas season whether you got a Real Christmas Tree or an Artificial Christmas Tree if you don’t ever decorate a Christmas tree with LED lights you never ever made the Christmas tree good, but when you use led’s on that then the Christmas Tree looks fuller. 


How many lights do you need for your Christmas tree? 

As per we recommend that at least 100 bulbs for 1 feet tree so you have at least 600 LED lights for 6 feet trees, we recommend that you use 700 LED bulbs so that your Christmas Tree looks more fooler. 


At this Christmas season getting grandma’s just right, and creating the perfect curl of ribbon are just a few holiday techniques that you only learn by doing it and putting lights on the Christmas tree that poses the same challenges. Even if you have techniques to do that but how many lights you need for your Christmas tree can be the same as and as its own mental gymnastics. There is no one single size that perfect fit for any rules and we have to figure out that how many LED is needed for Christmas Tree (this is just everyone has their own pick for the: Best Christmas Songs)


Firstly it really depends on the size of your Christmas tree. Common sense dictates that a taller or broader tree will need more LED lights than a smaller or thin one. Secondly, you have to find different people who also have a different presence for the Christmas tree. Some of the people like a luminescent, super-bright look, while others like to be the focus on the ornaments, not on the lights, and they like to go for the less-flashy look. You also have to consider how much space you have to store all those lights for the month of the year and the Christmas tree up all year long. Still, you are looking for how many lights you have for your Christmas tree that take a look at our guideline to make it simple. 


Karin Lidbeck-Brent, a prop stylist and crafter who’s decorated more than a thousand Christmas trees over the course of her career.


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How Many Lights Do You Need For a Christmas Tree? 

There is no hard or perfect rule for this. There is only a personal preference for how they want to make their Christmas tree. By Karin Lidbeck Brent, an average person has a 6 foot Christmas tree. This wise one strand per 6 foot Tree is enough LED for the tree, But we recommend that 150 strands look great in your Christmas tree.


At this time you have to just figure out how all your Christmas tree is and plan to use one strand of lights for each foot. If you decorated a tree of similar height last year and liked the final look just fine then do some change in this year’s Christmas Tree and try some more LED lights on each foot and do decorate this year’s tree fuller.



Lidbeck-Brent uses more lights for Christmas trees than the average person, but she always recommends that always keep one or two-strand extra on hand. If you decorate the whole tree and see a gap in your coverage then you can use these extra strands. If you really love lights then have an extra three strands on hand. 


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The right amount of tends is 150 lights per strand, but if you really like lights then you can buy 200 lights per strand would work best and you got one bright tree at last. So that you have to figure it out before you can start decorating your Christmas tree. If you also want to add some ornaments to your Christmas tree then you can use fewer lights on your tree that look like a great combination. 


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