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Remember, Christmas Is Not Only About The Gifts

Remember, Christmas Is Not Only About Gifts

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 22, 2020


Remember, Christmas Is Not Only About Gifts:


Nowadays people are starting to do shopping so early. I remember one thing that my mom asking me for my Christmas list in September because she wanted to start shopping early, but I seriously didn’t know what I wanted. As I started to think that what I want to add to my list. Since when has Christmas become more about gifts than spending time with loved ones? Since when has Christmas becomes more about gifts it is more about our survivor right? I think we all need one reminder, including me that Christmas is not about gifts.



Remember one thing, Christmas is not a time to be greedy:


Whenever I start to read this article I am just shocked because when I start to read I just think that it is going to something funny but no I’m wrong this taught me very well. I know that if my loved ones do not give me a single gift for Christmas, but I still happy because I’m spending a whole day with my loved ones and that make me happy. This something that not everyone wants to do. All people just want something gift on Christmas day but I think this is more happiness than the gifts. Not only did this put a bad spotlight on greek life, but tr is really put that how greedy our world is. People cannot wait for the Christmas season every year because they can finally get that gift they have been waiting for all year.  


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Remember, Christmas is a day that you spend your time with the ones you love:

Christmas Day is a season when you can spend your whole day with your loved ones. If you are someone like me who has a family that does not live close to you, Christmas is about the only time I get to see them all year. To be honestly seeing them is the one best gift I get for Christmas. Just seeing my family reminds me of how crazy we all are and how much I love them. Spending time with them honestly makes me forget how many presents are under the tree when we all get together at my mamaw’s house!. This I have the pleasure to spend my Christmas with my Boyfriend’s family, and it will make me realize just how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many people that I love and care about. 


Remember, Christmas day has a holiday because Christ was Born:

The only reason we give gifts on Christmas is because of the presents the wise man gave to the baby Jesus when he was born. But Now don’t take me wrong, the gifts are great. This Christmas because I’m actually not broke and have a job at school, I’m able to get everyone I care about presents. I love the surprises and their faces whenever I give them their gifts. If I had enough money to spoil everyone I would because I love giving more than getting. When I step back and realize the only reason that giving gifts is just because of the wise men’s faith in Jesus. I realize just how thankful I should be this Christmas. 


The real meaning of Christmas is not in a present and all but this is all about loved ones who you loved most and you can spend your whole time with your loved ones. This is your best Christmas present ever. 





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