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Top Pop Songs Of All Time, Ranked

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Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 11, 2020


Decorative Christmas tree, Gift giving, Tree Decoration, Indoor and Outdoor Christmas decoration, brawls on the Dining table, Sounds familiar?? At this time don’t ever forget the main Christmas tradition that gives a festive mood.


any guesses?? 


Yes, it’s a Christmas pop song, you can’t forget the Christmas that gives a festive mood and much happiness in the Christmas season. There are so many Christmas songs but some of Christmas songs are like all you can listen to at all time, and all-time favorite songs and play any time. We are here to give you the best Christmas pop songs lists. 


From the classics songs by ‘80s pop duo wham! To the extremely overplayed but still very enjoyable ones by Mariah Carey, Christmas pop is a subgenre in its own ' own’ and that was damn good at one time. Below are the top Christmas pop songs ever to get you in the holiday spirit. 


1. “Every day is a Holiday” - Katty Perry

This is the best Pop Christmas song ever in history. This song can play a song in every festive season. When you play a song you definitely get a more festive mood. This song gets the first number in the top Christmas pop song list.


At this time any Scrooged will probably tell you that Katy’s very underrated Christmas bop, that has been a slightly cheesy message. But it can be a freakin Christmas!! This is exactly a pop Christmas song that stans want during this time of the year! You must have to be truly soulless if you and by the time of the year gospel chorus joins Katy towards the end of the track, you are not up on your feet, clapping your hands, dancing around, and you also singing alone!! This is the most popular song of all time!!!     




2. “Underneath The Tree” - Kelly Clarkson

This is also the most popular song and all can play at every festive season to get a festive mood. This is a similar pop song to‘’ All I Want For Christmas Is You “ and “ My Only Wish” this is the festive track from Kelly’s 2013 Christmas album called Wrapped in red is an ode to being in love with someone special and at this time you want to spend some precious moments with your loved ones then this Pop Christmas Songs track is only for you!!!    


3. “Christmas Tree” - Lady Gaga

This song is the debut song of Lady Gaga. The fame had given her the spotlight in 2008 and she also wants to release a super fun Christmas song with the producer Space Cowboy. The lyrics don’t have any prizes or awards but the track slaps prove that you don’t have to take the holiday season too seriously.  


Well, we will let you know the real meaning of the song that Gaga said: “Light me up, put me on top, let’s fa la la la la la……..”


4. “8 Days Of Christmas” - Destiny’s Child

This was released in 2001 and got a spotlight in 2001. This album will give you a shower of love and give the spin on that. This is the best spin in all-time “The 12 Days Of Christmas”. During this festive year, true love gives you useless things like a partridge in a pear tree or some turtle doves, Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle are showered with gifts like Chloe shades, belly rings, and keys to the Mercedes, and much better gifts.  


5. “Mistletoe” - Justine Biber

Mistletoe is sung by Justine Biber that is too sweet as a sugar candy and a frosted sugar cookie in that song the sugar candy can leave in the chimney by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, but if we are, to be honest here then why it precisely and we love it!! in the rest of the year! It’s the time of Christmas and we have to play a good song that gives us a festive mood and get touched with the loved ones to make them a happy and happy moment. This is the song that gives you happiness, a happy moment, and many more things.     


6. “ Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” - NSYNC

When we do the list of the top pop Christmas list and if we did not add the NSYNC song then we have shame. NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” always get numbers in the top pop Christmas song list. In the past and present, there are a bunch of boy bands out there with a bunch of the original Christmas songs but with the lyrics like “ it’s a wonderful feeling, feel the love in the form of the floor to the ceiling” it is too hard to not to enjoy it.   



7. “My Only Wish” - Britney Spears

When it comes to a 2000 playlist then we don’t have to forget Briteny’s Playbook. She gave us one by one best Christmas Pop songs so that it’s an obvious thing to have a name in the Top-ranked lists of Christmas pop songs. Her true love for pop Christmas songs gives so many people to love their songs and it’s priceless and timeless. 


8. “Last Christmas” - Wham!

When it comes to the last Christmas then all feel sad because they have enough time to enjoy a lot with their family and friends. But what that means is to not celebrate holidays? No this is the wrong thing so that the Last Christmas by Wham it all says that enjoy a lot and love with your family and friends at the last of the Christmas. This song is very heartwarming so that this song is obviously on the ranked pop Christmas songs list.


9. “Santa Tell Me” - Ariana Grande

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” is an all-time favorite Classic song for Christmas, don’t get us wrong but “Santa Tell Me” also the best Classic song ever listed in Best Classic song for Christmas. This song is a hit in 2014 and has the same spirit as All I Want For Santa Is You and gets a loving spirit for the holiday season. 


10. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” - Mariah Carey

At the moment when you clicked to the List, you all may know that the Pop Song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is a top-rated list, but in the 1994 song Merry Christmas is the song that is loved by all the people in not for Christmas season but for all the holiday season and get holiday spirit with this song.