There is a chill in the air that feels like it might snow, but if you live somewhere where it doesn't generally snow, it's simply chilly. Christmas is essentially here; you've been hearing the music; every toy seems to have gone on sale; and there is a chill in the air that feels like it might snow. What about Christmas games that you can play on your Android phones and tablets? I've seen a number of lists that mention games that have a Christmas update, which is fine and all.

What about games that are basically Christmas all the time but are only useful for a few months out of the year? These games are still available in the Google Play store & App Store for those who are searching for a little extra holiday cheer or something more substantial than a new skin on an old game or a one-off holiday event that will end once the new year arrives.

These are the top free Christmas Games available online, and playing them will make you feel less stressed and more festive. These Christmas-themed free online games are appropriate for all ages, including children and adults. You may play racing games, dress-up games, arcade games, puzzle games, and more.