Exquisite Christmas Countdown App for Android

Christmas Countdown Free 2015

Christmas is the day when we all cheers to the New Year. New Year party, fun, and let the night out in. Here is the app which is countdown to Christmas the time for you when is Christmas. Isn’t it nice, yes, you know when is Christmas, but with the help of this app you have no worries to count for the Christmas day. As uniquely we all count the days before Christmas. Just you have to download this app on your phone. However, its Android or iPhone, Its working in both. The app count numbers of days, hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas. You can also called of that app as Christmas clock to countdown.


How to use?

1) Go to the home screen.
2) Long press on empty area of screen.
3) Select Widget
4) Navigate through the list of installed widgets and select CHRISTMAS COUNT DOWN widget.
5) Click on the CHRISTMAS COUNT DOWN and you will add it to your home screen.
6) Press the Home key.

The most beautiful thing in this Christmas countdown app is you will find is one within the app, just open the app and you will see number of remaining days, hours, minutes and seconds and second one with the fonts you have choose. Make your mobile screen in festive mode and celebrate the Christmas. In this we are providing you different types of font. Choosing the different fonts you will customize your app in your mobile. You will get to enjoy when you see different type of fonts on your screen. You don’t need to find our app icon on your mobile screen, open the app and see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain. The app is also available in different size Small, Medium and Large. And the important thing is you can resize widget on the home screen, yes this widget is re sizable. Isn’t it good for you.