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Power Your Positive Energy in Christmas Season

Boost your power and positive energy over Christmas holiday

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 27, 2019

Fill the Christmas season with joy instead of stress with these simple yet easy techniques and make Christmas more joyful. 


The Christmas holiday season is a wonderful time of the year. This is the season to pull togetherness in the past, present, and future and power a ball of positive energy, and get it into the holiday spirit. In your daily, physical and mental patterns determine the quality of your experience. There is one question: do you multitask your work or can you do one or more projects? In the morning can you take a moment to wake up? 

Quality experiences:


Good energy facilitates a quality experience. When your energy is too low. It’s hard to absorb the whole vibrancy of the moment. You simply can not pay adequate attention to the detail that will ignite you. Knowing a little about how your physical and mental energy joins forces to create experiences can go a long way in making life even happier. To make your energy level high play a Christmas Games with your family and friends and make your Christmas fun.


Whenever your brain is overloaded with negative energy. It is difficult to experience life’s joys. For example, you have family and friends coming over for a holiday party and you discover you forget a few food items you need. Next thing you know the stress is rising and your sense of organization are giving. Your memories, emotions, thoughts, and feelings can switch on and off daily, also that can affect your energy level.


Energy Tips to Triple Your Holiday Joy:


Here is a few holiday do’s and don'ts that will show you how to recognize them and help you move your best energy forward into the new year. At the new year party, we have to do our best for our friends and family to feel a happier life.    




  1. Try to keep up a manic pace. In the winter, nature’s energy cycle is a warning: Slow down, get creative instead.
  2. Use aggressive Language. It can increase your anxiety and stress, as well as decrease organization, and lower your all-over energy. It will also extend its influence to where and into daily activities.
  3. Multitask. It will lower your energy, increase stress and decrease your ability to focus on the energetically rewarding details, so it is a lesson in your daily pleasures as well.




  1. On this day create a new tradition such as donating to or volunteering at a food pantry. And also learn how other cultures celebrate the holidays. On this day take an evening or late-night walk with loved ones.
  2. Create your favorite playlist or set your radio to your favorite Christmas holiday music. Tunes that give us positive energy and we remember good memories from the past. Enjoy the uplifting and peaceful vibes. Take a silly selfie-the silly the better use it in a year around whenever you need a mood shift.
  3. Make new memories on this Christmas holiday sightseeing trip with a friend, partner, or family. Take a picture of that so you can revisit this positive energy throughout the year.
  4. Incorporate soothing holiday fragrances into your festivities, such as scented candies, fresh plants, or the scents of cookies baking.
  5. As you wake up in the morning your body can be affected by the many changes in hormonal and neural activity.


Ways to power your positive energy in the Christmas season:




Lighting is the main important part of the Christmas season and in every holiday, mainly these are due to decorations. This is also a means that in this time your bills are also increasing in this holiday season. So that there are some ways you can manage lighting bills and light up your home in a cost-efficient manner. 




If in this holiday season you tend to travel then there are some things you can take into consideration before you leave that can help and save your energy. Here are some of the items to unplug to save energy while you are going away.


  • TVs
  • DVD Player
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Radios
  • Battery chargers




If you host a Christmas holiday then try to be more efficient with cooking and baking. Try to bake different dishes at the same time. That means you have to do some calculations on the cook time and temperature, but it can save your energy in calculation later.




After being done with fun and food, the least part of the holiday season is cleanup. When the dishes are piled high. You tend to turn to the trusty dishwashers to help to make cleaning easier.     


There are many more ways you can save time and money in the holiday season. Just one implementation can save your energy and money.


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