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25th December: Festive Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the festival of the birthday of Lord Jesus. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. this festival is celebrated with full of joy.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 27, 2019

Christmas is the festival of the birthday of Lord Jesus. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. This festival can be celebrated with full of joy. This festival makes people a very festive celebration. This festival for kids and also youngsters can bee celebrated with full of joy. On this day kids think firstly in mind and that is gifts, chocolate, cookies, celebration, parties, and many more things are doing on this day. 

There is no more Christian in India. So, although Christian makes up less than 5% of India’s population, Christians are a significant religious occasion in India. You’ll be able to find traditional Christmas cheer in many parts of the country.


How Is Christmas Celebrated?

This festive season lets us check how people celebrate this festival to make this day a one special moment for their loved ones. On this day people make this day special with food, glorious food, making food on this is a special thing for kids and youngsters too. Christmas in India is definitely all about eating! International luxury hotels serve up a vast Christmas buffet with all the favorites: roast meat, roast vegetables, and desserts to die for. Most hotels in India will hold a special Christmas dinner of some description but it may have more of an Indian flavor to it. It is also possible to attend Midnight mass at churches in Catholic-dominated areas of India. 




Where To Celebrate Christmas In India?

There are many of the places that celebrate this day with full of joy. There are some of the places that can be celebrated in big space. This celebration is on the big stage so people really want to attend this festival in this place.


Christmas In Goa

Goa celebrates this Christmas festival with its large Catholic population, is one of the best places to have a traditional Christmas in India - Indian style! Its many beautiful old Portuguese style churches overflow with people and Christmas cheer. Christmas carols are sung and many of the Churches hold Midnight Mass on  Christmas Eve. Christmas decorations adorn houses, streets, and market places. The fountain has a Latin quarter in pajim is an outstanding place to enjoy Christmas celebrations. Make it Happen conducts a Christmas Evening walk-in fountain has on December 25. There is a special Christmas feast brass band. 


Christmas In Kolkata

Kolkata is also renowned for its Christmas celebration. Park street is beautifully illuminated with strings of lights and other decorations. Bakes sumptuous Christmas cakes and their special Christmas menu offers a variety of Christmas treats. The Kolkata Christmas festival organized by West Bengal Tourism is an added attraction. It dominates park Street with food and culture stalls, Christmas carols and choirs. In 2019 the festival will be on from December 22=30. The highlight is a Christmas parade on Park Street. 

In Kolkata celebrate this day full of joy. For a memorable community Christmas celebration in Kolkata, don’t miss visiting Bow Barracks where most of the city’s Anglo Indians live.  Special Christmas events take place from December 23 until new years eve. Everyone is welcome. Everyone wanted to be a part of the Kolkata Christmas celebration. 


Christmas In Mumbai

The next place is to be a Mumbai. Mumbai also celebrates the Christmas festival too. The western suburb of Bandra is predominantly Catholic, but you will also find churches all over the city. These Mumbai churches with Midnight Mass are the most well-known ones. Notably, Saint Thomas's Cathedral celebrated its 300th anniversary on Christmas Day in 2018 and it was recently reopened after a full architectural restoration. Bandra’s Hill road also wears a festive look full of Christmas decorations and bakeries with Christmas goodies.


Where Not celebrate Christmas In India

There are many places that not celebrate the Christmas festival. Not celebrate just because there are no more populations of Cristian. There were no Christian so there were not to celebrate this festival. The people in those places. They can celebrate Christmas in a small place and a small celebration.

Those places can celebrate this day with big crowed and people also want to attend this festival in these big places. These places are started working on decoration before one month of Christmas. In there cities are too many Christian, So there would be a big celebration of Christmas. there are many countries that celebrate Christmas, as per country all have different Santa Claus. There are different looks at Santa Claus.

Celebrate this Christmas with your family and friends. Make this day a special for your loved ones. Give some gifts, chocolates, cookies, through a party, those things really love to your loved ones.