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Best Handmade Christmas Card Ideas for Memory Making XMAS

Everyone love to receive greeting cards, whether it is children or adults.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Oct 27, 2020


Everyone love to receive greeting cards, whether it is children or adults. There is one personalized way to show your love for your family. They are super easy to make but look that like a lot of effort has been put into making them but when it completed it can look beautiful. These handmade Christmas cards are one best festive thing and look cute, you do not require a lot of time or expensive supplies to make. These ideas are easy to replicate, and you can appear as a crafting genius. Make this Christmas even more special and make happy moments by sending these handmade Christmas cards to your loved ones and receiving tons of blessings in return! These blessings are even more beautiful than making these handmade cards. When you have done to make these cards, you might be in the mood for some Christmas decorations. So, check out our post on Top 5 Christmas Decoration Trends for 2022


Here is a diverse list of handmade Christmas cards that can inspire you to create your own today! Let’s have a look


1. Stamped Handmade Christmas Cards

This is a quick and colorful Handmade Christmas Card this Christmas car you can make at the last minute also. All you need are some colored paper, Christmas stamps, scissors, and glue. Start by cutting out a green piece of paper, a centimeter smaller than the size of the card base. Stick this sheet on the folded card base. You have to repeat the same step with red paper and layer this on the green paper. Next, cut out a rectangular piece of color paper that is slightly larger than your stamp’s size. Stick the stamp on the rectangular paper and paste this on the card. Add a beautiful Christmas label and you have done your pretty Christmas card is ready to send.


2. Pattern paper Christmas Card

This one is a layered handmade Christmas card this one is another unique idea for you to recreate it. All you need is some craft skills to make this card. Start by sticking a piece of pattern paper on a card base, leaving a thin border. For the design in the center, you also use stamps and cut out a similar design from colored paper. Stick it on the card and add a Christmas greeting note, and it is ready to give to your loved ones!


3. Handmade Christmas Card

This handmade Christmas card is different from the other Christmas cards and is a sweet surprise for your loved ones that make your day more beautiful. This can happen by Cut out a ring of flowers and leaves, preferably from green and red paper. You have to stick all this on a whiteboard. Fill in the center of the ring with a little unicorn sticker or hand-drawn doodle, and add small stars, gifts, or other tiny icons related to the theme. Add a sweet message on the left out white space and wish your loved ones a sparkly Christmas!


Christmas Card Ornaments

4. Christmas ornaments card

This is a golden themed handmade Christmas card and one unique idea of combining Christmas ornaments with your greeting card. This is a better way of adding an essence of Christmas on the card than using ornaments? To make this card all you need is one Christmas ornament stencil in any color and some patterned/colored paper. Create the base of your card by the use of paper and stick the stencil on top and your handmade Christmas card is ready and looks store-bought!


5. Colorful Christmas Card

Here is another stamp Christmas card that is easy to make and looks extremely cute who can see this card their mood change in a minute. If you don’t have time then this one is the best option. All you need are some colored papers, color pens, and Christmas stamps. Start by sticking a slightly smaller white rectangular paper on the red cover of the card. Now comes the exciting and creative part. Using stamps make a holly in the middle of the card. Stick a reindeer stamp in the center of the holly. Color these stamps using crayons/color pens. If you don’t have stamps, you can also draw these stamps using any image for reference. Add a message label under the holly, and yes your card is ready!


6. Magical Christmas Card

To make this Magical Christmas card you just have to buy a patterned paper with these stripes, or you can use colored tape, or paint these slanted lines over the base of the card. Next, to have a clear base for your unicorn, just stick it into a rectangular piece of plain colored paper that matches the theme. This magical card can do your Christmas more magical