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A Comprehensive Checklist For A Better Christmas Countdown

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Check out this lists...

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 02, 2022

Getting organized is the best way to ensure you will have more holiday cheer and less holiday stress. This timeline will help you keep track of the big tasks during the countdown to Christmas. So you can enjoy your Christmas and make it memorable.


Three to six months before

  • Make a family plan - Are you heading to your in-laws’ house? Hosting everyone at yours? Sit down with family members and decide where you will be spending the holidays and make a checklist and choose one place where everyone can enjoy their day.


Three to six months before

  • Buy plan tickets - If you will be flying somewhere then get your plane tickets as soon as possible so at the end moment no change in your Christmas plan. 
christmas list


Two months before

  • Put activities on the calendar - Keep it next to the phone or put everything in the family’s shared digital calendar here you can add everything that you think about giving your family in Christmas so it can remind you in time, so if someone calls to ask if you are free for an event, you will know the answer immediately.
  • Start baking things to freeze - You can freeze uniced cookies, bars, and nut bread are good bets to make ahead. The only thing You can do is to All will keep in the freezer if they are well wrapped, and you can have a few extra things on hand for the friend who stops by unexpectedly with a gift so at the end you have no worries because you have some extra stuff.
  • Update holiday card list - ou have to update your card list before send and make sure to check all address if it changes 
  • Make a plan for overnight guests - you have to think about guests who can spend overnight at your place if any then you have to buy some more stuff about them make a list and order it for the guests. 


Six weeks before


  • Make a master gift list - You may not have every detail filled in, but at least make sure you list everyone you’ll need to buy for and think about what they’d like. That way you can pick up things as you see them, rather than running to the mall at the last minute. Have your children give you their wish lists.
  • Make a budget - Set a ballpark figure for how much you can spend on gifts—it will help you stay grounded when the shopping gets frenzied. There are many apps are available in-app store and play store to manage your Christmas budget so that your Christmas is celebrated within your budget. I recommend Christmas Budget Planner to manage your Christmas you can manage your gift list and many more things. 
  • Start Christmas shopping in earnest - Yes, you may already be picking things up here and there, but the more you buy ahead, the better—especially if you’ll be mailing gifts. If you have big-ticket items (like electronics) that go on sale the day after Thanksgiving, you may want to brave the crowds on Black Friday—you could save substantially.


How can I get into the holiday spirit?

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Christmas is coming at a rapid pace. It hit you last week when you heard an ancient Christmas carol crawl through the boys' speakers at Woolies. It is really a fun time of the year, as long as you put your inner grinch to sleep and embrace the holiday with open arms. 

Whether you are searching for the Christmas spirit in yourself, or want to spread the good vibes to your friends and family, we have put together ten simple ways to help you get the Christmas spirit. 


1. Stream the movie

Movies are the thing that everyone can see and get into the Christmas spirit with. When you start looking at Christmas movies, you can feel that you are in a Christmas mood already. From the classic animations and family comedies to romantic feel-goods, there is a Christmas movie for every night of December - if you are dedicated enough and have mobile data for it. 

Here are few of them for you.

  • Elf
  • The grinch
  • Home Alone
  • Love Actually
  • Die Hard
  • Don’t forget to check out Netflix for some family friendly Christmas options.

2. Spotify Christmas Music Playlist

When you go for Christmas music, you already have a music playlist in mind. But you should take a lesson from your Christmas tree and branch out. Spotify has an endless list of Christmas songs and a playlist for you to stream. They are perfect for holiday dinners and boring bus trips. However, if you would like to bake up your own playlist, here is a little recipe:

  • Mix 2 cups of Frank Sinatra with 1 cup of Nat King Cole
  • Add a dash of Elvis Presley
  • Make up the icing from Pentatonix and Disney
  • Sprinkle over some Michael Buble and Mariah Carey
  • Bake for 20 minutes
  • Serve loud


3. Beloved tree

On the morning of the 25th, the Christmas tree becomes the center of everything. So get the tree set up in your living room ASAP. It is an early Christmas activity you can do with your family or household and will become a daily reminder of Santa’s impending arrival. And while you decorate your Christmas tree, listen to your freshly baked Christmas playlist for the ultimate Christmas feels. 

Christmas tree decoration is an activity that everyone loves to do. This activity never depends on your age. 

4. Christmas Photo Making

There are so many activities we can do online and have fun. However one of my clear favorites is Christmas Photo Maker which allows you to make your Photo into one Christmas photo with the use of Christmas ornaments. You also make your loved ones Christmas photos. 

5. Email To Santa

He may be a hundred years old, but Santa Claus has kept up with technology. Get the kids together and keep helping them craft a letter to Santa, then email it to his personal computer. Whether he reads it himself or it’s handled by his elf secretary, this is all part of the fun. 

It is also one great idea to get present ideas for the little ones and get them even more excited for Christmas. No one can experience the magic of this holiday like kids, so seeing the world through their eyes will make a big difference for you too. 

6. Shopping

Shopping is something that everyone likes to do. Also this is a season for shopping and that gives you a Christmas spirit. If you are a gift-giver, then there are so many online stores waiting for you like AmazonFlipkartSheinAjio etc. Don’t just do it; make a plan of attack for what sites to visit and what you are after. 

7. Read the Kids classic

Reading is the best thing that everyone can do to get into the Christmas spirit. Read the most famous book of the Christmas season and get into the Christmas spirit.

8. Gingerbread and candy cane

This is the season that you have to start backing festive recipes and buy a big bucket of candy canes. This is a delicious way for you to get ready for the feast that ate right around the corner. Plus, you will need to practice baking the midnight cookies that you are going to leave out for Santa.  


9. Events

Check your area for any events coming up. Nothing inspires the Christmas spirit better than a jolly crowd. Here are some of the things to look out for in your neighborhood. 

  • Christmas-lights: Drive around your area at night and see the wonder of those that put so much effort into making this. 
  • Virtual visits from Santa: this is not the same meeting as the meeting with man and at the end the smile on kids is priceless.
  • Virtual carols: carols have gone virtual this year and there are a whole heaps of amazing virtual events to enjoy with your family with the comfort of your home. Nowadays we have to do virtual carols to make our family moment get better.


10. Beach

Beach is the place where everyone wants to go for any festive season. Also, everyone loves to go and enjoy the whole day with family and friends.