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Christmas Celebration In India

See How India can be celebrated the Christmas day

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 29, 2019

Many Christian in India celebrates Jesus Christ's birthday on Christmas Day that day annually held on 25 December. The celebration is most noticeable where there are many Christian. Christmas Day is a gazetted holiday in India. Before go on Christmas we all have to know about the Christmas day. So here are about Christmas Day.


About the Christmas Day

Christian people celebrate this day worshiping the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed in the son of God. the festival of Christmas, which can be celebrated on 25 December every year, that evolved over two eras into a global secular and religious celebration. Christmas is much awaited for families and friends to get together and exchange gifts and cards. There are many ways for this Christmas gift ritual. There is a very important thing to manage gifts exchange rituals in your budget. So for your enjoyable Christmas, there are many of the Christmas apps are available in the market that saves your money and also buy gifts for your dear one in your budget. There is an application such as a Christmas Budget planner that can track your gifts and set a budget. 

The celebration of Christmas Day is the most on these states with more Christians. Christmas in India is a yearly holiday for Christian who honors the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. The celebration of Christmas comprises of several customs such as an exhibition of nativity sight, the arrival of Santa Claus and Christmas trees. Christmas is the major festival for Christians around the globe.


How people can celebrate Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a day to celebrate the day with your family and friends. Indian Christian can celebrate this day with their family and friends. The Christian go and celebrate in Church and make a participant in Church services. They decorate their homes, office, and many more. Christians eat their food. They decorate their homes with lamps and decorate with banana and mango leaves. 

In India,  Christmas trees are normally imitation pine trees or branches of native trees. A few malls or stores can put up Christmas decorations and have artists playing Santa. Many Churches hold evening charities before the Christmas Santa Claus has been a special character in the Christmas celebration who offers gifts for children. Make your gifts list and track your gifts for your dear one. Make your gift list with Christmas Budget Planner, that make your Christmas gifts list and track your gift ideas and track your gifts.


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Public life on Christmas Day

People celebrate this day with full of joy. On Christmas Day all state, national and local; banks and offices will remain closed businesses and stores owned by Christian in India will be closed. They may have reduced working hours. Public transport on this day may require contacting the local authorities to check on timetables. 


The top destination in India that celebrates Christmas day


There is a top 5 destination that celebrates this day with a great platform.


Shillong: In Shillong, the Cathedral Church has been one of the oldest churches in North East India. The people from all over the world visit this city to attend the Midnight Mass.

Mumbai: Mumbai has been a great Indian destination to celebrate Christmas with friends and families. Malls offer attractive discounts. Bandra, Hill Road and Church Gate are the best localities to celebrate the festival in the city.

Pondicherry: Pondicherry has been India’s finest destination for a traditional Christmas. The city is lovely decorated.

Lansdowne: Lansdowne is the best Indian destination to celebrate the Christmas holiday away from the crowd.

Kerala: In Kerala, every street has wonderful Christmas decorations to enlighten your mood.