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Your Christmas Countdown List and Activity ideas

let's calculate the remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds before Christmas.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 14, 2022

Do you think it's too soon to start planning for Christmas? No, the time is never too early. Christmas is eerily approaching for those of us who have been organizing the event since July, but there is still a ton of preparation and planning to be done.

In this article, we'll look at your Christmas countdown, a list that will keep you organized while you prepare a Christmas dinner that the entire family will enjoy.


Write it down…

Now is the time to put all that is in your thoughts on paper. Plan your large Christmas food shopping in reverse order from your Christmas Day meal. The likelihood is that you'll need to start clearing out room in your freezer, so you'll need to start eating what's already there and organize your shopping to keep that area free. Nowadays, you can do all this in one place without losing much time.

Have you finalized the list of guests for Christmas Day? Then you are free to consider seating arrangements and whether you'll need to borrow additional chairs. Anyone who hasn't committed yet has to be followed up with and asked for their final decision.


The Night before Christmas Day

The preparation really starts to pick up steam at this point. You'll relieve a lot of stress by finishing as much as you can before tomorrow. Invite family members to help with anything that will enable you to complete a lot of the job now, such as peeling vegetables or wrapping presents.

We know we shouldn't have to say it, but make sure everything that needs to be taken out of the freezer today for tomorrow is done so in enough time for defrosting.


On the Christmas Day

This is the point at which your list, complete with all the times, really shines. Prior to anything else, start the meat cooking. Then, proceed according to your timing for starting the veggies and sides.

As you begin to prepare the dinner, join the family in their morning custom of unwrapping an ugly Christmas sweater and then something much nicer.

With food, crackers, and a seasonal centerpiece that you carefully selected before this special day, your table will be the focal point of the space.

Christmas is such a beautiful season because it unites families and gives you the chance to start some traditions that your children will carry on in their own families when they are adults.


It enables you to spoil the people you care about the most with thoughtful gifts and delectable meals. Start working on that list far in advance to give yourself enough time to figure out the practical timings, which will give you a sense of complete control and lessen the amount of work and stress required to put everything together on time.

So start making plans for a festive time where you're creating memories you'll want to look back on time and time again. Christmas is a time for family and friends to spend quality time together.


Christmas Countdown On Your Smartphones Home Screen

Countdown to Christmas 2022

Together, let's calculate the remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds before Christmas.

The Christmas season is almost here, so it's time to charge up your smartphone with some cool items. Even though everyone knows when Christmas will come, we still enjoy counting down the days. We now have various Christmas app collections. which will cheer you up and fill you with the joy of the Christmas holiday. Here is one of our holiday apps, Christmas Countdown 2022, to help you have a wonderful Christmas. That is undoubtedly one of the most helpful apps when you are eagerly anticipating the Christmas festival.

How to Get Christmas Countdown Clock on Your Home Screen

1) Go to the home screen.

2) Long press on the empty area of a screen.

3) Select Widget

4) Navigate through the list of installed widgets and select CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN widget.

5) Click on the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN and you will add it to your home screen.

6) Press the Home key.

The new widget should appear on the home screen (or wallpaper). Cheers..!


Wish you Merry Christmas 2k22


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Why do we say "Merry Christmas" more frequently than "Happy Christmas" when we wish individuals a "Happy Birthday," and if you're in the USA in November and December, you might add "Happy Holidays"?


Saying "Merry Christmas" as opposed to "Happy Christmas" dates back at least a few hundred years. In a Christmas letter to Thomas Cromwell in 1534, English Catholic Bishop John Fisher said the following: "And this our Lord God wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a Pleasant New Yearaccording to your heart's desire."


Another traditional carol from the "West Country" (South West England), "We Wish You a Merry Christmas [and a Happy New Year]," was only published for the first time in 1935, which likely confirmed the preference for "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Christmas."