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Christmas Rituals: Tradition, Classic Holiday Activities

Christmas is festivals that can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and Christmas is the day that can celebrate the day with lots of fun and full of joy.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 26, 2019

Christmas is a festival that can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and Christmas is the day that can celebrate the day with lots of fun and full of joy. That resolves around many customs and traditions handed down through the generations. Many of these myths, legends, and customs are of pagan origin, in some countries Christmas is associated more with customs of good omens than region. 


Santa Claus    


Santa Claus is one of the most important things this Christmas night. Santa Claus is an invention of the American people. In the 19th century, Americans invented Santa Claus. The image of this beautiful and cheerful character was popularized by Swedish artist Haddon Sundblom as a part of the campaign. From the year 1880, this figure was caricatured by cartoonist Thomas Nast. Image can be originated from Saint Nicholas who is lived in the Fourth Century. Saint Nicholas was the bishop of Myra, Lyca, and was noted for giving gifts to the poor. In Holland, he became known as Sinter Klaas. Sankt Nikolaus, Saint Nicholas is often depicted in Germany


Gift Giving


Gift-giving is an integral part of Christmas. This is another ritual derived from ancient paganism, namely the Roman Saturnalia and Kalends festivals. This practice was adopted by the Christian faith as the same as gift giving like Magi to the Christ child, which can be shown as Christ’s gift. In the past, the courts of kings regulated the exact amount that you can spend on gifts that you can give to your loved ones this Christmas season. In Batavia, it was thought that the infant Jesus himself delivered the presents, so they called him Liebe Christkind. In some western ways, there are in some other way the gifts that normally open in front of the givers and give them a blessed expression and say thanks, but this can be unusual in Singapore.


Christmas tree


The first use of the Christmas Trees in the Christmas celebration is shown in Yuletide festivities and was first noted early in the 17th century. It’s the origin and that can be traced to pagan tree worship. There are some rituals that involve sacrificing or decorating homes, offices, associations with the great greenery to ensure a good harvest this year. A Christian association is the legend of Saint Boniface, who cut down a sacred Oak on Christmas Eve, beneath which human lives had been sacrificed. You can put candles in the branches of the Christmas tree. This is another practice attributed to Martin Luther King, who stuck to ideas on Christmas Eve. the Christmas tree is also a symbol of Christ as the tree of Life amongst Christians 17.


It is easy to assemble plastic replicas of Christmas for the tree. 18 although real Christmas trees are still popular in Singapore and some may prefer the convenience of an authentic-looking artificial tree. There are even pine-scented sprays for fake trees. In Singapore, this can be found in the hotel’s porches, offices, rooms, homes, and also shows in other churches.    


Christmas card


First Christmas Card is produced in the year 1843, and this can be produced in an advent penny system in the Britain 21, in this time the practice of sending a Christmas Cards is more popular when its work on improvements in the process of printing and made the Affordable Christmas Cards and they can send wishes with Christmas cards with tradition 23.




The ringing of the Christmas bells originates from pagan midwinter celebrations when the cold or lack of sun was believed to be an indication that an evil spirit was present. The practice later became incorporated in the Christmas festivities, symbolizing goodwill. 




Christmas carols truly originated in Italy 27, which dates back to the 12th century when people danced to secular songs in the Festival season, especially in the Christmas seasons. Carols are not a Christma song that became the 16th century.




Candles are the main important and common elements in the pagan festivities of the winter solstice, while the other Christian community uses the candle as the one symbol that Jesus can light the world.


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