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Christmas: The Feast Of Happiness and joy | 25th December

The stable of the root of the Christmas tree with the animal inside it, the doll-like images of the Holy Family with the central piece

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 29, 2019

Many days before the big day, in the houses, in the street, in the neighborhood, in the villages and in the cities where we can see a great deal of rushing and excitement. There was a sense of happiness and pleasure everywhere. Christmas is just coming up the big day of the year is drawing near. The shop windows of the cities are elegantly decorated. The Christmas tree, with the glowing star on the top, is decorated with a many-colored bright light that flashes on and off grabs the attention, especially from the small children. 


The stable of the root of the Christmas tree with the animal inside it, the doll-like images of the Holy Family with the central piece being the images of the baby Jesus. The Christmas melodies which reach their ears bring a feeling of joy. “Silent night, holy night, all is calm all is bright...” People move in and out of shops and departments of stores. They buy the present they have chosen carefully for their loved ones, a tradition that is observed every year. Then they go on to do the shopping of the Christmas feast.  Among the other thing, there are other things that are undoubtedly traditional turkey. 


On this day not to forget the delicious wine and other drinks. That is also needed for Christmas Feast. On this day must be wearing a good clothes, nice shoes and whatever else will contribute to luxury, comfort, and entertainment in life. The family man enters his house with the precious Christmas shopping, presents, food, clothes and all. The member of the family welcomes the provider with full of joy. The children’s laughter and joyful souters fill the house when they see the colorful packages, that can contain the hidden treasure and that is long-awaited presents. That also even the poorest person becomes a little richer at Christmas time. A person could be justified to say “my soul says you have many good things, eat, drink, and be merry”


But why all this business and activity? Why all these traditional preparation? The answer comes easily and naturally. Christmas is coming. The big day is drawing near. The day of joy for young and old. This was the only day when Christ was born. It is the day on which every year we celebrate the historic, supernatural event, which changed the course of history. This is the only day when God became man and “made his dwelling among us”. It is the day of the renewal of human history. 


So people have justified those things and traditions that go back through the countries in order to express their feelings of faith and piety.traditions, habits, joyful practice that many times. However, adopt a conventional nature. Many times people give all the attention to events or things that have a Christmas ‘look’ they forget with all the activity of the Christmas season.  The essence of Christmas and its true meaning. They forget where all these things which we call the joys of Christmas started from. They become bright and fancy outside features. 


They put aside the person who is the reason for Christmas and they celebrate Christmas without Christ what a pity it is for someone and concerned only with formalities however they joyful they maybe what a pity it is that people are concerned with Christmas in a very superficial way. They just close their eyes and see whatever they want to see. They can see a typical. Christmas is called the feast of joy.  On this Christmas decorate a Christmas tree with colorful light. A person must examine his inner self carefully and he must make sure he has the correct attitude towards this great feast day of joy.


In this way, he will feel truly the full joy of the great feast of Christmas. 

May you have a happy and blessed Christmas, brother, and sisters and may the new year of the Lord grace gives you and your families every joy and happiness. On this Christmas celebrate this with full of joy. This Christmas can bring more and more happiness. Cheer up this Christmas with your loved ones.