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Best Fun Activities For Kids in Christmas

Check out these best fun activities for childrens to make a Christmas more memorable

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 27, 2019

Children of USA said at nine they had “learned enough thing about maths, physics, travel, the number of children on the planet ratio to the size of the sleigh to figure it out on my own” and also a one another nine-year-old even set a trap, writing a secret letter to Lapland which wasn’t given to their parents. There are many of the questions are arising in the children’s minds about this Christmas holiday season, they have done many questions to their parents but they have some of the things that not asking questions to their parents and that thing we should clear on the children’s mind.  


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If you are wondering what your children’s still believe in Santa Claus, and expecting in Santa that gives you presents this year, most have stopped believing in old St Nick by the age of eight, according to the international academic “Santa survey” while many presents wished that they still believed in Father Christmas even as adults. Now Children could not believe in St Nich they believe that this time Santa Claus give some presents at this time. 


When we find some of the things about Christmas and carried out some of the information by psychologist professor Chris Boyle from the University of the Exeter, UK, people around the world were asked to report on what prompted them to change their minds about Santa, and how they felt when they realized he didn’t exist as part of the Exeter Santa survey. That shows all the things in this research.


Boyle received 1200 responses from all around the world, revealing that the average age when children stopped believing in Father Christmas was eight. A third of those surveyed also reported feeling upset when they discovered Santa wasn’t real, while 15 percent had felt betrayed by their presents and ten percent felt angry. Around a third and also said that their trust in adults had been affected by their belief in Father Christmas.


The study also revealed that believing in Santa had actually improved the behavior of around 34 percent, although the threat of being on Santa’s naughty list failed to affect the behavior of 47 percent of respondents. The children’s are make a one of the thing about Christmas that can make some points about Christmas.


There are some surveys that say about children in the Christmas season. One survey says that 2000 young children revealed what makes them happy is getting loads of quality time with mum. While 43% says that dad is good at Christmas, so they get plenty of attention. 


The top games that will rival mum and dad’s attention this year include computer games, mp3 players and Lego, a spokesman for the CBeebies TV show Waybuloo, who conducted the survey, said, “this research proves that although kids think of presents when they think about notice when mum and dad aren’t able to give them as much attention, so ” 


The top ten gifts likely to appear on your child’s Christmas list this year are:


1. Games consoles

2. Computer games

3. Computer

4. CD player

5. Bike

6. Puppy

7. Television

8. Trampoline

9. Lego

10. Scalextric