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COVID Christmas Party Ideas For Event Organizers

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with your family and friends

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Oct 20, 2020


Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with your family and friends. While the yearly tradition is something we look whole-heartedly look forward to, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling, and Secret Santa’s may not seem to be as thrilling in 2022. 


Here are a few Christmas party ideas that you can plan during COVID:


1. Organize a private cocktail party

As long as social distancing continues, we all have to maintain a healthy distance will be the norm and so will invite-only events with a limited set of people so the rule of social distancing can maintain. Set up your cocktail bar with vodkas, cocktail recipes, so your guests can help themselves. Spruce up the table with some staggeringly delectable appetizers and some exotic cocktails and let the private party begin. This party you can enjoy a lot with social distance.  



2. Cookie exchange

Invite your friends and family guests for a cookie exchange party. This party is a really enjoyable thing in this pandemic with rules. For this party choose one outdoor spot where they can space out and do the exchanging safely. After this party let your guests return home with a bag full of happiness. Make this day memorable for them.


3. Christmas movie night

In this Christmas go-to movie night and then after going for dinner that takes mandatory safety protocols. At that time make a list of movies that can be watched such as Home alone, Fred Claus, and Jingle All the way with some popcorn and Christmas candy goodies. All the guests will love to watch Christmas movies with hands-on popcorn that can make the day more beautiful.


4. Ice-skating adventure

On this you can do is lace up your skates and hit the ice ring with your group of friends or just with your family. Pour in some complimentary hot chocolate and some marshmallows. You can also decorate the place with light strings, bells, and stars across trees to make them charming.


5. Gift a toy

Spread the joy by giving unwrapped toys or used toys to charitable institutions. Nothing can be compared to the happiness you get doing a good deed. All the people love surprise toys, so give some gifts to your loved ones to make them happy. Toys is a lovely feeling to your kids to give them beautiful toys and have fun with your kids


6. Photo Booth

This Christmas If you have event attendees and friends who love taking pictures, host a Photo Booth party. Remember the first thing No Masks = No Entry, although we’re strongly hoping things do go back to the old normal by then. Create a DIY Photo Booth yourself or order it online. Deck it up with some twinkling lights and take unlimited selfies and photos to bring the merriness on your Insta. 



7. Festive chef

There’s no better time to learn some amazing skills, and no better person to teach you Star Chef!  We have a variety of cooking options from Christmas themed dishes, 2-3 course meals, sushi making & even the stunning Molecular Gastronomy.  We either send individuals a list of ingredients or why not let us send them a lovely pack of food, goodies, and a mystery gift with everything they need. This is a time to create more skills in cooking and make your day with amazing tasty meals.


8. Chocolate making

Host a master chocolatier, we will take you through the amazing journey of how chocolate goes from bean to bar.  It’s then hands-on with the ingredients as everyone designs create & brands their very own unique box of Christmas themed chocolate delights.  The event also includes the option of individuals receiving a custom pack with all ingredients, equipment, and a surprise gift in the post in advance of your event.


From private cocktail parties to ice skating, whichever idea you choose, you can make your party a memorable and safe one, and don’t forget to capture the smiles and memories you create this Christmas. Have Fun :)