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Best Destination to Celebrate Christmas Holidays

There are a list of destinations where we can celebrate Christmas holidays

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 06, 2022

People all over the world celebrate Christmas as a gift-giving and giving of joy to other people who need this. This can be more enjoyable when you give gifts to those who really want them but cannot afford them for their families. When you give any gifts to those families they give you a good god bless and that makes your day special. In Scandinavia and other European countries, Saint Nicholas, and Father's Christmas take place at night and leave gifts for children. Saint Nicholas looks kind in a red coat and white beard. On this day Santa Clause left gifts in houses and brought happiness. There is also one character, the Norse God Odin, who is a flying horse and rides across the sky on a magical flying horse in the winter to reward people with gifts. These legends come true and make present-day Santa Claus's day even more special.  

Immigrant settlers just bought a Father Christmas for the United States. The day of Christmas is gradually changed from Santa Claus to the Dutch name for Father Christmas which is Sinter Class. Americans give Santa Claus. a white bone, dress him in a suit and make him a cheery old gentleman. 


Children believe that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus. Every year, Santa Claus lists the names of both children who are really good and those who are really bad. He always decides what presents to give to children, whether they are good or bad. Santa Claus gets his list of toys from the children who say they want a toy on Christmas Day. When Christmas is almost here, every child finds a Santa Claus in the malls. They sit on him and tell him what to get for Christmas. 

On December 24, Christmas Eve, Santa Claus rides his sleigh, pulled by eight reindeer, and those reindeer are loaded with presents. The reindeer pull him and his sleigh through the sky to deliver presents to children all around the world and that is if they had been good in all of the years.


There are some of the best destinations for the Christmas holidays that celebrate the Christmas season full of joy. Let’s check out these places where we celebrate Christmas. 

christmas destination

1. The North Pole, AK

If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, a visit to the North Pole, Alaska might just change your mind. while the town keeps Christmas going year-round. When Christmas comes at the time in North Pole there was always organized a Christmas Ice Contest. That can attract sculptors around the world. The winter festival entertains us with the best activities and fireworks. It is great for those traveling by an RV. It's a 15-minute drive south of Fairbanks, and nearby Chena Lake Recreation Area has 80 campsites along with a swimming beach, graveling, and rainbow trout. 

2. Mount Washington Valley, NH

This is for skiers and families who enjoy the scenic beauty. Washington Valley is made up of approximately 27 twin towns and villages called Mount Washington, which is the tallest peak of the North Pole. At the center of the valley is North Conway, NH, a top-of-sky town in the U.S. that’s home to 13 ski resorts and XC centers. So for those who love to hit the trails, this is a great spot to do so in the northeast. No skiers will also find two mountain coaster 

3. New York, NY 

There is one reason that people love New York over the holidays, and it is truly a magical place to be at this time. And it is a place to experience over the holidays at least once in your lifetime. The New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker, a new Broadway show, and endless holiday shops and cheerful department store windows. 


4. Grand Canyon, AZ 

On this day, we spent Christmas at the Grand Canyon. Melanie Tucker is the rare finds travel that suggests you enjoy a Christmas Day with family and make memories in perched near the canyon, hike down into the colorful canyon, and you can take a trip to the wave. Start to celebrate holidays in Las Vegas, where you can catch a Cirque du Soleil show and do yoga with the dolphins. 

5. Cocoa Beach

Florida’s Space Coast is the best place that is liked by families, adventure seekers, and beach bums. Located just east of Orlando, the Space Coast has 72 miles of beaches, golf courses, the East Coast Surfing Capital, the world’s largest community-built zoo, rocket launches, and many more things to do this Christmas

Facts about Christmas and Christmas Tree

The spruce, a Christmas tree and a representation of eternal nature, is the major tree on this day. Green, crimson, and gold are the traditional colors used by the British to decorate it. British culture is the source of the custom of hanging candies as holiday decorations. born in Germany. The house is decked out for Christmas with ornaments, white mistletoe, and other holiday decor.

Interesting information about the British holiday season

Christmas celebrations in Britain are unique from those in other countries due to a few fascinating facts.

  1. In the season of Christmas British spends approx 800 million pounds sterling on Christmas products, gifts, decoration, cookies, and much more thing.
  2. The English celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. Every day you have to eat one Christmas pie so that you look good at this time.
  3. In every Christmas season, British people can take something about 10 million turkeys.  
  4. On this Christmas day, there are about 16 gifts per year received as average by every British kid.
  5. On this Christmas season, everyone decorates the house with so many Christmas things since ancient times, which is also used for decorating The house is always called the symbol of peace and eternal life.

Fun Facts About Christmas Traditions And Origin

There are some fun facts about Christmas day that we should know about that.

  1. Hanging stocking outcomes from the Dutch custom of leaving shoes packed with food for St. Nicholas donkey. In return, they will send some pockets and small gifts. 
  2. The tradition called putting tangerines in the stockings dates to the 12th century with the full of nuts, fruits, and much more things.
  3. Tradition says that you have to eat at least one mince pie on each of the 13 days of Christmas to bring out good luck.
  4. It is technically banned to eat a mince pie on holiday of Christmas Day in England people.
  5. Why red, gold, and green? The green color is always called a color of life and rebirth, the red color is symbolized as the blood of Christ, and the gold color symbolized wealth and royalty.

Christmas Facts In Number 

There are some of the Facts in the Number that you should know about. Some of the numbers that you don’t know.

  1. If Santa gives gifts to the whole world then he has a speed of 2,340,000 mph.
  2. On this day there is something $51,000,000 saved when they can take the discount voucher
  3. There were 8 reindeer Santa has and they can deliver the gifts with Santa Clause.
  4. There are approximately $700 million spent to take unwanted gifts for people.
  5. There is something about 8.7 million ios and android apps and websites that will be activated on this special day.
  6. 1957 was the year when the first Christmas speech was given by Queen
  7. 45% is a percentage that sends Christmas greetings every year.
  8. There are about 8 million natural trees consumed every year during the Christmas season
  9. 13 number os Santa Claus in Iceland
  10. There is 1 number of reindeer with Santa Claus whose name comes from one song.
  11. There were 13% of families in the UK that always went to church in       


Christmas Tree Facts

There are some Christmas tree facts that you should know about that. There are some people that really don’t know the real facts about the Christmas tree. The following are some of the unknown facts about the Christmas tree.

  1. There are 8 million natural trees consumed every year on Christmas
  2. The average age of a Christmas tree is 15 when the Christmas tree is sold. 
  3. Many parts of Christmas can be actually eaten to bring vitamin C
  4. The Christmas tree actually takes about 15 years to grow before the tree is sold.
  5. There is something 3 Christmas trees are replaced when it goes to be harvest.

So, here you know some of the unknown facts about the Christmas tree