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Festive Facts To Get You Ready For Christmas

I love Christmas as ever since I was a child in my family and my family has been celebrated as a religious holiday. Merry Christmas

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 27, 2019

I love Christmas as ever since I was a child in my family and my family has been celebrated as a religious holiday. Over the years, I have learned some facts about Christmas that are fun to bring up in conversation. Try one of these if you need a conversation starter at your holiday party. There are some interesting facts that you should know about Christmas. That gives much more information about Christmas.


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  • December 25 was an originally pagan celebration. Nobody knows that when Jesus of Nazareth was born and nobody celebrated his birthday for hundreds of years. December 25 was the winter solstice.


  • The story resulted in several wars. In the first few centuries of the Christian era, controversy over the wether or not Jesus was divine at the birth created political unrest that frequently burst out into full-scale warfare.


  • According to data analyzed from Facebook posts, two weeks before Christmas is one of the two most popular times for couples to break up. However, Christmas days are the least favorite day for breakups.


  • The “ true love “ mentioned in the song “ twelve days of Christmas” does not refer to a romantic couple but the Catholic church's code for God. the person who receives the gifts represents someone who has accepted that code. For example the “partridge in a pear tree” represents Christ. The two turtledoves represent the old and new testaments.


  • Most of Santa’s reindeer have male-sounding names, such as Blitzen, Comet, and Cupid. However male reindeers shed their antlers around Christmas, so the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh are likely not male but female or castrated.


  • According to the Guinness world records, the tallest Christmas tree ever cut was a 221 foot Douglas fir that was displayed in 1950 at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle Washington.


  • The traditional three colors of Christmas are green, red and gold. Green has long been a symbol of life and rebirth. Red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and gold represents light as well as wealth and royalty


  • The world’s largest Christmas stocking measured 106 feet and 9 inches long and 49 feet and 1 inch wide. It weighed as much as five reindeer and held almost 1000 presents. That was made by the children’s society in London on December 14, 2007.


  • We must say that the Christmas tree has been sold in the U.S. since 1850.


  • Christmas trees usually grow for about 15 years before they are sold.


  • Many European countries believed that spirits, both good and evil were active during the twelve days of Christmas. This spirit is eventually evolved into Santa’s elves especially under the influence of Clement  C. Moores the night before Christmas illustrated by Thomas Nast


  • Each year approximately 20,000 rent a Santas across the United States. That is usually undergoing seasonal training on how to maintain a jolly attitude under pressure from the public. They also receive practical advice such as not accepting money from parents while children are looking and avoiding garlic, onions, or beans for lunch.


  • Christmas as a decadent Catholic holiday, the Puritans in America banned all Christmas celebrations from 1659-1681 with a penalty of five shillings for each offense. Some Puritan leaders condemned those who favored Christmas as enemies of the Christians religion.


  • Some scholars suggest that the word yule means “revolution” or “wheel” which symbolizes the cycling return of the sun. a burning log or its charred remains is said to offer health, fertility, and luck as well as the ability of evil spirit.


  • Christmas has its own roots in Pagan festivals such as Saturnalia. The Christian church heartily disapproved of such celebrations and co-opted the pagans by declaring December 25 as Christ’s day of birth, though there is no evidence Christ was born on that day.


  • Santa Claus is based on a real person, St. Nikolas of Myra Nikolas the Wonder workers, Bishop Saint Nicholas of Smyrna,