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Best Gingerbread Decoration Ideas

Check these stunning Gingerbread House decorating ideas and get apply in your Gingerbread House

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Oct 21, 2021

Decorating a gingerbread house is the ultimate holiday baking activity for kids and adults, it decorates your home and you eat it. What is more than this?


Before you assemble your house this year, take a look at this idea for Gingerbread decoration. You need lots of royal icing to stick it all together and some fun candles, cookies, and other items to decorate your Gingerbread house. To make a true gingerbread masterpiece look at some great decorating ideas. Make gingerbread houses after checking out the Christmas Countdown.  


Gingerbread House Farm

1. Gingerbread Farm:

We all love farms, the life of a farm is super sweet when you are living in this awesome gingerbread barn! This gingerbread cookie creation, animal treats, pretzel sticks, and a silo made from shredded wheat. 


2. Sugar Cookie House:

Make your gingerbread house lighter and brighter by swapping gingerbread dough with a firm funfetti cookie dough and decorating a hose with pastel treats like butter mints. If you want stuff like traditional gingerbread dough then pastel icing and candy still add a sweet and cheery touch.  


Gingerbread Lodge

3. Gingerbread lodge:

This gingerbread would be done with a simple effort, this gingerbread house kit becomes this snowy lodge. For this gingerbread house, we used candy rocks for the exterior, rolled wafer cookies for the beams and heaping for the royal icing, and coarse sugar for the snow-kissed rooftop.


4. Gingerbread Cabin:

Who doesn’t want to curl up in this cozy Gingerbread house? A basic kit is dressed up with shredded wheat cereal, pretzel rods, and candy rocks. Our favorite embellishment is a mounted candy that “antlers” with the front door that is made from a chocolate disc and the broken pretzel pieces.  


5. Gingerbread House With Chimney:

Santa always comes and puts gifts for kids and children via a chimney, Santa loves this small rooftop of the gingerbread house that is made from a frame kit. In this small gingerbread house, this impressive chimney made from graham crackers, ice, and red chewy candy is just big enough for him to slide down. 


6. Christmas Villages:

Create some holiday magic in your home with these gingerbread houses and the fun activity. This edible gingerbread is so easy to assemble and decorate with candies that your little elves can join in the fun, you can serve these as a sweet snack or use them to decorate a buffet table. 


Winter Wonderland Gingerbread Cottage

7. Winter Wonderland Gingerbread Cottage:

Constructing a gingerbread cottage is one tradition for your family in the holiday season with this easy recipe and instructions. Everyone loves to make a winter wonderland gingerbread house in their house to decorate and make a fun activity for their kids.  


6. Gingerbread Ranch House:

A colorful ranch gingerbread house is extended “Merry Christmas” wishes in a true southwest style that is constructed with sweet gingerbread, rooted in chewing gum tiles, and that is checked with the peppermint sticks trims and sprinkles with adorable adobe “fixer-upper” that comes with the easy to follow direction. 


9. Gingerbread Chalet:

In this pretty country, the chalet is easy enough for even first-timers to make. Gather the kids and grandkids and make a blast creating a fun holiday activity.