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How Different Countries Celebrate Christmas

There are countries celebrate Christmas in Different ways

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 20, 2019

Christmas day is a great day of the year, this day is celebrated in the remembrance of Jesus Christ. When any holiday season is just around to come then all our mood is to make a plan and enjoy a holiday season with Family and Friends. It would be nicer. The festive season always changes our mood and servers as an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. Make sure to choose a trip wisely. Bring your life special with this colorful Christmas celebration. Here we come up with the best place where you can enjoy your vacation with your Family and Friends and make a memorable moment every year. You see that how different countries celebrate Christmas. Before everything count days until Christmas.  

Whether you are celebrating some religious festival such as Hanukkah or a Christmas Day, or a more secular occasion, you have to be sure that your selection of the rituals or customs always makes your Holiday season special. Who love to celebrate Christmas Day and the traditions around the world are always loud, proud, and have guaranteed to be festive fun. There are some countries that celebrate Christmas traditions in a unique way.




In Poland Christmas is just like the start of the new year. We celebrate Christmas Eve with tradition, a special wafer, wish each and everyone a Christmas Day, health, and prosperity. Christmas celebration dinner will be in 5 to 13 dishes and it will consist of that filled with cheese and potatoes, beet soup, wild mushroom soup, and fish in the traditional ornaments. The tree is often decorated with polished chocolate filled with liqueurs as well as spiced apples and oranges which are gradually snacked on throughout the holiday.




Children’s main event is called the Norwegian celebration called Saint Lucia Day that is celebrated on December 13. The holiday doesn’t even take precedence over Christmas, it can be celebrated in schools across the country with a procession and that can symbolize the light in the dark.  One young woman is packed to lead the procession wearing a crown of candles, and the other young students follow her, also holding candles and sing carol called “Sankta Lucia” at the end of the day children eat a saffron bun that is called “Lussekatter”




In Mexico as well as many other Latin American countries, Christmas is sent as a quieter, solemn holiday, while Three Kings Day January is a day for partying and exchanging gifts. Many children celebrate Three Kings Day and leave out their shoes in hopes that one of the Three Wise Men will leave them, girls. The sharing of Rosca de Reyes is common, and there is another coin or a small doll of Jesus hidden inside the bread And whenever it finds the doll her piece of the bread is given to the temple for the next year’s party.


Happy Holidays:


Happy holidays everyone celebrates this Christmas season with your family and friends with happiness. In every Christmas season, it is customary to send the Christmas Cards, write cards: “Merry Christmas!” or “Merry XMAS!”


Xmas stands for Christmas, the X originates from the Greek letter 'Chi' which represents the word 'Christós' or Χριστός which means Christ in English.



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