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How to use Wow Christmas Wish App on Android and iPhone

Wow Christmas Wish App on Android and iPhone

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Oct 02, 2020


You can create a lovely animated Christmas video on your own and that is for free with our easy-to-use Wow Christmas Wish video. And, that's how it works: It allows you to search animations form word's largest animation provider, and allow you to record audio and generate video. So now you can wish your dear ones in your own voice with good animations. The main purpose of this application is to allow you to send your voice to your near or dear one this Christmas. It sounds like usual thing, here is a tweak it allows you to send your own voice to your near or dear one with custom animation, which makes it awesome.


The holiday season is coming finally! So if you are looking for some unique ways to congratulate your dear ones then you should have come to the right place!


We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year! It’s the most commonly used greeting we hear about. Yes, it is never getting old but let’s change the way we deliver it. A video greeting is the most unique and creative option to wishing you’re loved once. Let’s stay up to date!


Wow Christmas Wish video:

Wow Christmas wish is an animated wish maker, where you can choose an animation from thousands of different gifs, according to mood and season. This version is dedicated to all of our special day i.e Christmas. Most important this is not limited to Christmas only, you can find animations as per need like birthday, anniversary, weekends, fun, Christmas, X Mas, new year, Thanksgiving.. and a lot more. So have fun with creating animated videos this Christmas..!


How to use wow Christmas wish video


1. Open wow Christmas wish video


2. Tap to a new wish

3. After that, there are three pop up choose one of them to choose animation, choose a video, or choose saved video

4Choose animation what you like for making your video



5. Then record your own voice and you have done

6. See your video preview at that time

7. Save your video and share it with your loved once, quite simple what you say?