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Make Happier Holiday Then Last Year

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 10, 2019

For some holiday season, it just feels depressing and disappointment.  some of the days and some of the time Christmas makes to create a disappointment for some time but there is something to learn from women that he make an enjoyable atmosphere when she is alone to celebrate the festival. Here we come with some of the ideas to make one happy when you alone. 



You deserve a happier holiday, happier Hanukkah, Happier 2019

We all deserve to be happy in our life. we all make a beautiful moment to create a beautiful moment ever in our life. I grow up in this family who pride in a lavish Christmas so we have to make this Christmas moment more special. But when we try to make a happier holiday than last year then we always have failed to make this year a happier. It is the most important thing to make this year a happier than in other years. It is a special ability for all women who make all the moment more special.

When we say that in my house we are more enjoyable when it comes to the holiday season and drinking is the main thing that all the people wanted in every holiday. That alcoholic makes a Christmas more twinkling than other Christmas.



Focus on what you have, not you wish could be           

This was one main thing that blesses that what all have this Christmas. That is the happiest thing in every Christmas season. What you have at Christmas is all that you wish it doesn’t matter that the gift is not what you want it is a gift who your Loved ones give you. Their big smiles and their love to give you is the most important thing to make a smile this Christmas.

I’ll never forget an essay in the New York times by a Holocaust survivor. Justine Mandel Novack was in a concentration camp when she and her sisters celebrated their last Hanukkah together. These three teens improvised a menorah with half of a potato, some margarine, and bis of wood from a blanket. Then they sang their hearts out. “Watching out little candle burn, we were gradually elevated from our misery” Mandel Novak wrote whenever I think of that Hanukkah. My heart is filled with joy    


Keep it simple

I remember one thing that in my friend circle one divorced friend Donna was mourning her father’s death when she realized this was no time to with a fresh-cut Christmas tree had never passed muster with her dad, but her kids would it just as happy with a fake one. No sooner had they trimmed it with homemade decorations than the lights burned out.


It’s ok to say No - but gently

I used to know women I will call Betsy, who spent every Christmas with her fault-finding. Domineering sister. By mutual consent, the two avoided each other 364 days a year. At last, Betsy gathered the courage to decline her sister’s Christmas invitation. She told a group of friends what she planned to tell her sister. “You make me feel so worthless, I’m sick at the thought of another Christmas with you ” I was about to cheer Betsy on when the oldest women in the group proposed a better way to break the news. 

So, yes it is worth to say no but gently so no one has to feel disappointed at this time when you say for anything. When says “No” it hurts a lot to someone but it is going to start with the new tradition that says No but gently.    


Let your childhood illusions go

In this time of Christmas season make your childhood illusion go. When you started your Christmas week with Childhood tradition. When you look back on your past then it will make one big smile on your face. When someone is loved and loving parents began their show descent toward death, he had been given up an illusion. That they’d always be around to light the Santa candles. He concludes that the holidays are all about enjoying your loved once while you can. We can only seize the day. If you need any reason behind that then you have to do all this childhood illusion at the start of this Christmas.