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Memory Making Christmas Activities

Every Christmas, all the people want to make every moment more memorable.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 16, 2019

Are you looking for fun Christmas Activities to making memorable Christmas Activities with more fun in 2019???


Every Christmas, all the people want to make every moment more memorable. One of the main is that if you want to make the moment special then do something for someone and your day was going too good. Here I am coming with some of the Memory making activities that can create your every moment more special. Choose one of them and make your day more beautiful. 



Decorate the house on first Dec

I am very excited about Christmas just because of one best activity that I can do with my heart and that is decorating my house on 1st December. On this day I love having the whole month of December to enjoy the decorations. And growing up I loved that there was never a question of WHEN we would decorate. We always got the tree up and all the lights on as soon as December hits. To this day on Dec 1st, I blast the carols, drink the wine and deck the halls. 


Make a Best Christmas playlist

On this Christmas day make the best Christmas playlist in every festival playlist are create your day more special. Know all the playlist who like your family members and create your Christmas playlist. Speaking of blasting the carols, everyone in the family should have a say in which songs make the Christmas playlist - and let it be the soundtrack for your December. You can add to it each!   


Make a homemade Christmas card

It’s good to make a Christmas card at the home then go to the store. When you make Christmas card at the home then it will create more effect in your loved ones’ faces. When you create a homemade Christmas card then it takes time, give more efforts and many more thing.


Make a family holiday bucket list at the beginning of the month

On December 1st, sit everyone down and let each person pick one thing they would like to do in December. It could be skating, going for a drive to see the lights, building a snowman, baking cookies - whatever they want. Then try to pick dates and schedule the activities so everything on your ‘holiday bucket list’ gets checked off  


Decorate the Gingerbread house

Every Christmas, you should decorate the gingerbread house. This was never as much fun when you have to do all the baking of the gingerbread house places. But after they came out with a pre-baked gingerbread house, we did one every year. ( we found we never ate the house anyhow because after sitting out for three weeks the cookie part is pretty gross. Try to find the kits on clearance right after Christmas and save them in the freezer for next year - save a lot of money )

You can also make smaller houses out of graham crackers, and that’s just as easy  


Write a letter to Santa

On this day for the children, the best part is to write a letter to Santa. It will give you more happiness. Write a letter to Santa with your kids, and send the, off, in Canada, you can send your letters to

Santa Claus

North Pole Ho Ho Ho


And he will write back

( you don’t have to tell the kids, but you really should photocopy of these and keep them in an album. Bring them out to look back on when your kids have kids. This should be great when you should read this when you have your kids, it creates a big smile on your face)


Have a Christmas movie night

On every Christmas watch your favorite Christmas movie to make your moment more special. Firstly you have to create a list of Christmas movies and choose one of them. You can find some of the movies on Google. For as long as I remember we had a family movie night and my family always watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. With popcorn and hot chocolate, and when we are older, slightly stronger hot chocolate. We still do to this day! On whatever day my family gets to celebrate together, we still sit down and watch Christmas Vacation. Our husband rolls their eyes, but it’s one we aren’t giving up.    


Family Game Night

Same as Movie night we celebrate the Game night, this tradition is one of the best tradition that my family never have to miss it. My children find all the new games for Christmas. We don’t miss this even though we are all grown up and married. We just take all the new people we have collected back to mom and dad’s for game night, and I can’t wall to do this with my own kids

When it comes to the favorite game then our hands-down favorite game is Settlers of Catan. It is a little bit like risk, but 23 times more awesome. Settler’s is too involved for the really little people. It might be fun to invest in something festive like Rudolph Monopoly and play it every year. When we are a few family member’s then we play the Uno game that was the best playing game forever