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Put Smile On Child's Face On This Christmas Season

On This Christmas Season put Smile on Children's Face

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 02, 2019


At this time of the year, all the children everywhere are writing their Christmas lists and all children hoping that Santa will come and leave that special toy for them under the tree on Christmas morning. We can all remember the excitement and anticipation, of wishing for a new bicycle, the latest doll with all the accessories and must-have new gadgets. On this day children are hoping many more things from Santa Claus. We also remember the look of sheer delight and smiles on children’s faces when they open their presents and the fun and enjoyment that special gift gives them. 


But for families who have a child with a brain condition, it is not that easy or straightforward. Often the cost of giving their child the brings that will bring happiness, enjoyment, fun, and pleasure are too much for them to afford. Gifts that are suitable for children with additional needs to be able to use, or enjoy, that gift cost is no comparison to the smile of those children. It’s December, 2019, and Be An Elf has adopted dozens of letters to Santa that moved us. We’re now raising funds to answer all of them, and when it looks like we’ll fully fund them. There we can see some of the latter that some of the children get many things from Santa.


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