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The Secret to Happiness is Helping Others On This Christmas

There are some of the cities where you can be more and happier with less money. The Secret to Happiness is Helping Others On This Christmas

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 04, 2019

One day one Chinese says that if you want happiness for an hour then take a nap, same as if you want happiness for a day then go to fishing and if you want happiness for a year then go to the best fortune and if you want happiness for a lifetime then helping someone, So yeah these was the main and greate thing Chinese says that if you want a happiness for the lifetime then go to good work and helping others. When you helping someone it gives a great day for someone it will give you good blessings. Every day every moment does some work that helps others. So one day this can helps you much sure. And so we can learn early and it is better to receive the venerable aphorism is drummed into our heads from our first slice of a shared birthday cake. But is there a deeper truth behind the truism? Yes, deeper truth. There are some of the happiness guides you can see. 


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See some of the cities where you can happier with less money

There are some of the cities where you can be more and happier with less money. The resoundings answers are yes, scientific research provides compelling data to support the anecdotal that giving is a powerful pathway to personal growth and lasting happiness. Through fMRI technology, at this time we know that giving activates the same parts of the brain that are stimulated by food, experiments show evidence that altruism is hardwired in the brain. And it is pleasurable. Helping others may just be the secret of living the life that is not only about happier but also healthier, wealthier, more productive and more meaningful

But it is important to remember that giving doesn’t always feel great. The opposite thing that could be very well to be true. Giving can make us feel depleted and taken advantage of are some of the tips that will help you give not until it hurts, but until it feels great. When you can try these tips once a time you can feel hurt but at last, it will give you great happiness for a lifetime. See some of the tips.


Find your passion

Find your passion for giving it not should be great but your giving spirit is a great way. Be passionate about giving to others. When you are passionate to give some of the happiness to others that will give you more happiness in fortune. And one thing is that our passion should be the foundation for our giving. It is not how much we give, but much we love to put into giving. It is the only natural that we will care about this and not so much about that, and that’s OK. it should not be simply a matter of choosing the right thing. But it is also a matter of choosing what is right for us. Take a time to think and bring a big smile on someone who really wants something this Christmas.    


Give your Time

When you give your time to someone that it will the best gift ever that you can give to others. The gift of time is often more valuable to the receiver and more satisfying for the giver than the money. We don’t all have the same amount of money, but we all do have time on our hands and can give some of this time to help others - whether that means we devote our lifetimes to service, or just give a few hours each day or a few days a year.  


Give to an organization with transparent aims a result

On this topic, a Harvard scientist says that when it comes to this there are some of the things that you should go for this result and go with some of these steps that can give some of the happiness to others. There is one organization that should be working on that. So, we say that according to Harvard scientists Michael Norton, “Giving to a cause that specifies that what they are going to do with your money leads to more happiness than giving to an umbrella cause where you are not so sure where your money is going”


Find some of the ways that integrate with your interest and needs of others

On this Christmas day, you have to find some of the ways to integrate your interest so you can give happiness to others. When giving some of the happiness to others and it will give you happiness back in the future. Selfless giving in the absence of self-preservation instincts easily becomes overwhelming. Says Adam Grant, author of Give & Take. it is important to be “otherish” which he defines as being willing to give more than you receive, but it still keeping your own interests in sight. When you create an interest to give some of the happiness then it will create a great way for your life.


Be proactive, not reactive

You have to be proactive not to reactive. When you are more proactive then you can think not only yours but for others also who don’t have to afford some of the things for him and for their family. So be proactive on this Christmas not to reactive. We all have felt the dread that comes from being cajoled into giving, such as when friends ask us to donate to their fundraisers. In these cases, we are more likely to give to avoid humiliation rather than out of generosity and concern. This type of giving doesn’t lead to a warm glow feeling, more likely it will lead to resentment. instead, we should set aside, time, about our options, and find the best charity for our values.


Don’t be guilt-tripped into giving

I don’t want to discourage people from giving and helping others to good causes just because of that doesn’t always cheer us up. If we gave only to get something back each time we gave, what a dreadful, opportunistic. World this would be yet if we are feeling guilt-tripped into giving chances are we will not be very committed over time to the cause. The key is to find an approach that fits us. When we do, then the more we give, the more we stand to gain purpose, meaning, and happiness all of the things that we look for in life but are so hard to find this.