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The Ultimate Christmas Countdown Checklist For Better Christmas

Getting organized is the best way to ensure you will have more holiday cheer and less holiday stress.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Sep 14, 2020


Getting organized is the best way to ensure you will have more holiday cheer and less holiday stress. This timeline will help you keep track of the big tasks during the countdown to Christmas. So you can enjoy your Christmas and make a memorable day.


Three to six months before

  • Make a family plan - Are you heading to your in-laws’ house? Hosting everyone at yours? Sit down with family members and decide where you will be spending the holidays and make a checklist and choose one place where everyone can enjoy their day.


Three to six months before

  • Buy plan tickets - If you will be flying somewhere then get your plane tickets as soon as possible so at the end moment no change in your Christmas plan.


Two months before

  • Put activities on the calendar - Keep it next to the phone or put everything to the family’s shared digital calendar here you can add everything that you think about to give your family in the Christmas so it can remind you in time, so if someone calls to ask if you are free for an event, you will know the answer immediately.
  • Start baking things to freeze - You can freeze un-iced cookies, bars, and nut bread are good bets to make ahead. The only thing You can do is to All will keep in the freezer if they are well wrapped, and you can have a few extra things on hand for the friend who stops by unexpectedly with a gift so at the end you have no worries because you have some extra stuff.
  • Update holiday card list - ou have to update your card list before send and make sure to check all address if it changes
  • Make a plan for overnight guests - you have to think about guests who can spend overnight at your place if any then you have to buy some more stuff about them make a list and order it for the guests.


Six weeks before

  • Make a master gift list - You may not have every detail filled in, but at least make sure you list everyone you’ll need to buy for and think about what they’d like. That way you can pick up things as you see them, rather than running to the mall at the last minute. Have your children give you their wish lists.
  • Make a budget - Set a ballpark figure for how much you can spend on gifts—it will help you stay grounded when the shopping gets frenzied. There are many apps are available in-app store and play store to manage your Christmas budget so that your Christmas is celebrated in your budget. I recommend Christmas Budget Planner to manage your Christmas you can manage your gift list and many more things.
  • Start Christmas shopping in earnest - Yes, you may already be picking things up here and there, but the more you buy ahead, the better—especially if you’ll be mailing gifts. If you have big-ticket items (like electronics) that go on sale the day after Thanksgiving, you may want to brave the crowds on Black Friday—you could save substantially.