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Christmas Vacation: Countries That Celebrates Christmas | Christmas Countdown

There are many countries that celebrate Christmas in different way so celebrate Christmas in different countries

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 26, 2019

It’s almost Christmas Here, according to some of the people that celebrate the birth of Jesus. This day is celebrated with joy. By donating something to someone you can be a reason for the smile of others. Your smaller donation may be a reason for some bigger smiles.  We say that December is the month mainly to go to these countries and show the countries celebrated this Christmas holiday season. Most countries can celebrate Christmas full of joy and make their family a memorable day of the year.


When we watch the European classics with a storybook in Christmas markets, Asian cities where you can see twinkling lights from a rooftop pool, or ski paradises right here in the United States, some celebrations are worth the price of a plane ticket. And let’s face it. There is one thing that if you have not seen 26 million lights all at once from Cologne to Cape Town. Here are the best holiday destinations to spend Christmas this year. Here are some of the countries that celebrate the Christmas season full of joy.


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1. England


In English Christmas traditions in England can begin early in December and are preceded by the English complaining that the holiday starts earlier in the year. AIn Advent calendars and candles count the days for Christmas Day, Christmas trees and houses are fully decorated and Father Christmas comes to the chimney for the kid’s good list


Children will leave out snacks for their reindeer. In this Christmas season, you can make Mince pie and Biscuits as well. Washed down with beer and whiskey. The church plays an important role; they can serve a  Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and a service on Christmas morning. Dinner is the second priority, with the turkey meal, roasting potatoes, egg, gravy, and pudding is the best for the dinner stuff. This is usually followed by the queen’s speech at 3 PM, along with games, fun, and usually, some snoozing. 


2. France


The French have their traditions such as Christmas meal, Reveillon, which can be eaten-in Christmas Eve, midnight services in the church that gives you a turkey stuffed with chestnut, goose, oysters, and grass. This is also when families exchange gifts, though they may also be to give on December 6th, the feast of St Nicholas, or January 6th for those who can wait that long. Leading up to Christmas, children can write a letter to Noel. This has been a French law since 1962 that all letters can be received with a postcard reply.   


3. Spain


Spanish Christmas tradition that can be closely focused on the religion, with most of the people can attend “La Misa Del Gallo'' This is based on a belief that a rooster crowed on the night of Jesus’ birth on Christmas Eve, families will sit down to ‘Pavo Trufado de Navidad’ a Traditional Christmas dinner can be consists of turkey stuffed with mushrooms truffles. The celebration continues with the people who can be celebrated in the street with guitars, drums, and singing.  My favorite phrase in the evening is ‘Esta Noche es Noche-Buena, Y no Es Noche de Dormir’ - Tonight is a good night and it is not for sleeping.


4. japan


These are still not seen as a religious holiday, in this season there was more focus on spreading happiness, and Christmas Eve is seen as a romantic day for all the young couples to exchange gifts and tokens, you can look at the Christmas lights, and have to eat a romantic meal. There was a gift-giver, called ‘Mr. Santa’, but the focus is Hoteiosho, a figure more closely accurate and also with Buddhism. The Japanese Christmas traditions may be unusual, their New Year is closer to being a western Christmas, they can focus on family, greeting cards, wishes, and take a special meal.


5. Switzerland


Zurich is popular for its chocolates, mountains, snow, and cobbled streets. The place becomes a stunning destination to visit on the occasion of Christmas. The markets of the city are crowded and people can enjoy guided Christmas walks and singing Christmas trees. With high enthusiasm for celebrating Christmas, the city invites the visitors to enjoy the most special Christmas Eve of life.


So, where are you going this Christmas?