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UK Christmas Tradition To Celebrate With Family

Celebrate this Christmas with your family in UK tradition

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 25, 2019

Christmas day is celebrated in the UK on 25th December in remembrance of Jesus Christ. With Christmas just around the corner, it can be like a time to celebrate togetherness and put aside our differences. But what about the differences that we can see when we celebrate Christmas?  When you have been celebrating a holiday in one way your entire life, it is easy to assume that’s the way it is celebrated everywhere but just ask someone who celebrates Christmas across the pond and you can see some strange differences here are just a few of them. Let’s see these few things.




No, here we are not talking about snacks that we can eat at the Christmas Day Celebration. The institution and you will see them on the dinner table right next to the cutlery. What do they have in the series of three cardboard boxes wrapped in colored foil? They are a British Christmxed for? Somewhere they can be pulling the turkey and baking cookies. The idea is that you and that one next to you each and everyone grab and pull. Each of these people can take the same place at this time. 


On this day The tubes will pull apart with a small bang and all thanks to the tiny explosive inside. The winner of that game, the person with the lion’s share of the cardboard tubes and the prices shown in the middle of the cardboard, if you spent some serious crackers then you don’t have to expect incredible prizes from that game. Usually, you are looking at a small plastic toy or magic trick that barely works, a terrible Christmas joke on a small scroll of paper. And the most important thing for all of them.  


The crackers stem from a Victorian Confectioner called Tom Smith, who visited in 1840 and noticed how the French wrapped bonbons in colored tissue paper and decoded them to sell the same product in Britain. After middle sales, inspiration hit him one evening by the fireplace when the cracking sounds caused him to imagine opening a bonbon with a bang. 


Mince Pies:


The mince pies have been a part of British cuisine since the 13th century when knights returned home with exciting new ingredients from the wider world like cloves and cinnamon. They were quickly added to the pies with dried fruit, suet, and minced meat. When the puritan ban on Christmas and all things look unholy, the mince pie getaway before coming slightly altered form. By the 19th century, the recipe had become and the pies themselves were much more bitesize.


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Wassail? Whatsapp?


On this day Wassail is While spiked eggnog may very well be the booze of choice for the month of December in the good old US of A. the UK can tend to prefer the festive tipple to be the multiple varieties. The act of wassailing going door to door with a bowl of spiced alcoholic beverage and that was performed on the Twelfth night and med with replies ``Drink well” 


On this day the drink in question, depending on where you lived, was likely either a wine or a cider and that would be heated up and mixed with various fruits and spices. More common nowadays is simply “mulled wine” which follows much of the wassail recipe at heart. 


Christmas Pudding:


A classic festive dish that dates back to the medieval era, the Christmas pudding is a sort of boiled fruit cake that’s heavily speeding, doused in brandy, and briefly set on fire.  The tradition said that coins are added by hidden in the gifts as an extra gift. The puddings that can originate with some specific instructions in the roman catholic church that says that “pudding can be made on the 25th Sunday and that every family members can stir from east to west and that honor the Magi and that can suppose to be in that direction”


Father who?


All people in the U.S. As a Santa Clause the UK always refers to Father Christmas. Sometimes they thought that the same person today, Santa and Father Christmas, had very different origins. Father Christmas was more of a presence than a gift giver. He has been traced back as far as the 5th or 6th century. Appearing first as Saxon “king water” who promised a milder winter climate if people were kind to him. 


Mr. and Mrs. Claus famously resides in the North Pole, Christmas lives in Lapland, the northernmost region.  In those places, there is a huge Christmas tourism industry with UK agents that can sell “Meet Santa Clause” in every package and sell reindeers, and of course, an audience with the big man with a big white beard.