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Ways to Make This the Best Christmas Season Ever

There are some of the ways to make this the best Christmas season ever

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 27, 2019

The holidays can be stressful.


Your to-do list has suddenly quadrupled. You may be spending more money than you intended. Perhaps you are an entertaining house guest, hosting a party, or either traveling. For most of us, life is simply busier and more expensive during the holiday season.

We may have dreams of a Norman Rockwell Christmas, buy the reality is probably closer to national lampoon’s Christmas vacation at least at some point during the holidays. There is a lot of pressure to make the Christmas season perfect and to cram it with events, shopping, and parties. But I find that some of the simplest pleasures can make the season bright and fill me with the joy and wonder of Christmas. There are many ways that can create your Christmas best Christmas ever.   


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  • Begin with gratitude. Before you begin handing out the gifts and tearing into them, take a moment to reflect on all of your blessings since last Christmas. Write them down. Look at all of the good you have in your life and be grateful.


  • Set a budget. If you know exactly how much you are going to spend this Christmas than shopping becomes much easier. Don’t feel pressured by the media, the advertisement, or other people to spend more than you intend.


  • Release expectations. Allow this Christmas season to be what it is without expectations or hopes for perfection. We are often disappointed when things don’t go as planned during the holidays so plan remain open to change. Embrace the reality of life as being part of the season.


  • Keep it simple. Part of releasing expectations is simplifying your Christmas season. If you over-schedule yourself with activities, shopping, and traveling, you will be stressed and will miss out on the peace and beauty of the season.


  • Spend time with nature. Whenever you live, in a cold or warm climate, spend time outside absorbing the natural beauty of this time of year. The smells, the sounds, the climate of December are all part of the joyful anticipation of Christmas.


  • Listen beautiful music: everyone has their favorite holiday music, and it creates backgrounds mood for the holidays. Consider music that is peaceful and soothing to bring calm during this hectic time of the year. I love the music of station lanier during the holidays or any of the wyndom hill music.


  • Create a sustain tradition. A tradition during the holidays makes us feel connected to one another and to something larger than ourselves. They offer a sense of certainty and comfort. We have a tradition of letting the children open one gift on Christmas Eve, and it’s always pajamas to wear the night.


  • Entertain without perfection. Sometimes we avoid inviting friends during the holidays unless everything is perfect. The right meal, the house completely decorated and cleaned a gift purchased. Let that go and enjoy spontaneously get-togethers to share a meal or simply some time together.


  • Light candles. The glow of candles creates magic and warmth. Light them at dinner during a bath on the mantle. I have put an assortment of candles in the fireplace when it is too warm to light a fire.


  • Bring nature inside. As you decorate for the reason, bring some of the beauty from the outside into your home. Cut branches and holly berries to put on your mantle or in an arrangement. Decorate pines cones to put on your tree.


  • Wrap creativity. Instead of buying more wrapping paper, get creative. Collect all the paper you have from last year and use it first. Use recyclable brown paper bags and tie them with a bright ribbon or raffia string. Use burlap or fabric pieces to wrap up round or small gifts.


  • A backing party. Set aside a morning with family or a couple of friends, and enjoy the pleasure of taking together. Back a batch of Christmas cookies, pumpkin bread or your own favorite holiday treat. Make this day a special moment to create your own back party. A cookie is a special item for all people.


  • Create simple, healthy meals. Create a simple and healthy meal in your home and take it with your family and friends. Make simply your choice and the choice of your loved ones and eat it happily.


  • Support art. In this economy, the arts suffering from lower attendance. Many performing companies, ballet companies, and other arts organizations are closing their doors. The holidays are a great time to support the arts while feeding your soul. Attend the nutcrackers, go-to holiday symphony performance, or watch a local theater production. These are great family occasions.


  • Write a love letter. One of the most meaningful gifts you can give is a hand-written letter expressing your love and gratitude to your spouse, your children, or a treasured friend. Take time and thoughtful care in expressing your feelings, writing on beautiful paper, and wrapping your gift. It will never be forgotten.


  • On this day to go for a long drive or go for a walk, get in the car and take a drive just to look at the holiday lights and decorations. Or simply walk around your neighborhood. Carry a mug of hot chocolate and a box of the homemade cookie with you and make it an occasion.


No last-minute shopping. If you find yourself without a gift for someone at the last minute, don’t rush out and buy something so you won’t be empty-handed, create your own gift card for someone offering something special they would enjoy a dinner out, a coupon for chores, a back rub, a movie together.