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Season Greetings Folks.

It's that time of the year again to celebrate and appreciate those who are near and dear to us - the season of 'good-will' to all men. Christmas Cards sold in shops tend to be 'traditional' run-of-the-mill type Christmas Cards. Why not give that little extra mile so to speak and create your own custom designed personal Christmas card from the Christmas Card Creator? We (BMAC) have created an easy to use Christmas Card Maker App which you can download in the App Store. It is an innovate App, easy to use, and has great functionality. This App is up there with one of the best Christmas Greeting Apps in the market.

A fun, free Christmas card, that is easy to use, innovative app that will bring a smile to your nearest and dearest. This App supports all iPhone & iPad. The choice is yours! Why not give it a try? Click the link below to download the App and get cracking with those personalised Christmas Cards.



It's so easy to use, and share.

The App allows you to choose from a selection of ready-made Christmas greeting cards, enabling you to add your own text, you can use different font sizes, different color(s), and more importantly you can add a personalised Christmas message for your family members, friends, neighbours, work colleagues - whoever you wish to surprise and let them know that they mean something to you by giving them that extra special touch.


As one would expect, you can also share your personally designed Christmas eCard throughout the Social Media via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mashable, Instagram. An added feature this App allows you to do is to save it to your SD Card for later use. This App is the full version which is free to download, and there are no hidden charges once downloaded.



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This app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Also on Google Play Store For Android.

cardmaker-appstore cardmakerplaystor

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