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Christmas Game Ideas For Family

Here are some of our favorite suggestions for holiday party games.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Oct 20, 2022

How to have both online and offline holiday fun with your family and friends

As we all know, Christmas is a time for family, fun, and games. This Christmas, you might not be able to spend as much time with your loved ones as you'd like, but there are still lots of enjoyable games to play, both virtually and in person. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for holiday party games.

christmas game ideas


1. Recreate game shows past and present

Whether it's The Chase or The Generation Game, the majority of us have a favorite game show. Unexpectedly, some game shows are simple to duplicate! Play Your Cards Right is one of the games that are easiest to replicate. All you need is a large deck of cards (available for just a pound!) and a wooden shelf to store the deck on. Even pre-made Play Your Cards Right sets are available for purchase.

Mr. & Mrs. could be a popular choice for Christmas. Get the answers to a variety of questions, such as "What is their favorite movie?" written down for each couple. or "What would they bring with them to a desert island?" The couple with the combined most accurate answers will win the round after the other member of the pair responds to these questions. The "Me or You" questions, such as "Who is the messiest?" or "Who has the best taste in music?", could come up next. As a response, each couple cites the name of the offender. They both win if they get it right! They forfeit the question if they provide a different response. 


2. Quizzes with a twist

Why not try hosting a quiz with a theme? It might be a holiday quiz with inquiries about Christmas-themed TV shows, libations, music, and trivia. An assessment of your knowledge of geography and culture might be interesting if many members of your family enjoy traveling. You could ask participants to "name that landmark" or "name that skyline" after seeing pictures of them. You could hold a quiz with questions about movie straplines, TV show stills, and other topics if your loved ones are more interested in television and movies. Alternatively, you could base the entire quiz on facts about the people you care about!


3. Bingo

It's not necessary to use numbers in bingo. There are so many different themes you can use for a bingo game! What better way to ring in the holiday season than with a drinking game of bingo? Christmas is a time to celebrate, after all. Just play a Christmas movie, and mark off everything that happens and is said. Family-friendly options include making the bingo cards include phrases like "decorating the tree" or "the word "Christmas" is mentioned." If you don't like to drink, just give away small prizes to the first person to get a line, two lines, or a full house! There are many tools available for creating unique bingo cards.


4. Jumping Santa

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! to the whole world from Jumping Santa.


Jumping Santa - XMAS Special designed especially for this Christmas season. It's fun and the best Christmas ( Xmas ) game ever.


December is about to come and Santa has to deliver all the gifts in one night, it's hard for Santa to reach everywhere. So this time, he is going to jump, let's help him by playing this awesome game.

Jump higher as much as you can.

Reach each pole... you may fall but never give up. Keep trying... survive as long as you can.

Jumping Santa for iPhone


5. Christmas Crafts

Holding a Christmas crafts competition might be the perfect activity for you if you prefer arts and crafts. For instance, gather enough supplies for each person to make their own wreath, and assign someone to determine the winners. If you're hosting an online Christmas party, simply send (or drop off!) a materials kit to each guest. If you are unable to send the materials on time, simply inform everyone of the necessary purchases. You will each need a wire coat hanger, a few black bin liners, some newspaper, sellotape, faux foliage, and some decorative accents if you decide to make a wreath together.

6. Go With Traditional

Sometimes playing classic board games is the best choice! Nothing compares to playing a classic board game like Monopoly or Scrabble while enjoying mulled wine, holiday music, and your favorite people.

We have a wide variety of board games to choose from today! There are so many incredible board games available today that cater to a wide range of interests that we are no longer just limited to the classics. The Scotland Yard board game (there is also a junior version available for kids) might become a new favorite if you and your family enjoy true crime. There are also some really awesome vintage board games, like Careers from the 1970s, which is similar to Game of Life but focuses more on careers. You can choose a career path that suits you best, such as a politician, movie star, or even an astronaut!