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How Do You Make An Artificial Tree Look Fuller??

Artificial Christmas tree decoration

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 10, 2020


How You Make An Artificial Tree Look Fuller?


If you are a bought an Artificial Christmas as a part of the investment (That’s a really good idea). At this time you just think that how to make your Artificial Christmas Tree look Fuller? Right? 


Then… Don’t Worry 


We are here for you we will guide you with some tips on the Decoration of Artificial Christmas tree and how you can try this as your Artificial looks real for last long year…


You can do many things with your Artificial Christmas tree to looks more fuller at Christmas. You can decorate with many Christmas Ornaments to look more real, here are the Complete guide only for you…


Artificial Tree Decoration


1. Fluff up the Branches:

Thin, skimpy, and telltale branches are the main thing that shows the fake Christmas tree. You just have to do is needled it. In all year after sitting 11 months in one box, the flattened faux pine and needled it, scrunch all the branches that obvious thing to bare patches. That’s to make your Artificial tree to give life, devote time to fluffing up to each branch, and fanning out to the needles. You can start this at the bottom of the branches to the tree and you have to all this to the top of the tree.     


2. Don’t Skimp On Ornaments:

If you are afraid of your Artificial tree that not look eye-catchy or can show the big space then don’t worry you can use ornaments for Your Artificial tree. Firstly you can start with big ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree at the end of the decoration you have a not Artificial but one real Christmas tree to make your Christmas day more beautiful. 


3. Tuck In Real Branches:

As an alternative to the garland same as you can add real pine branches to your Artificial Christmas tree. You can use pine branches from your backyard. When it times gone the color of the pine branches looks the same as your Artificial tree and then you can decorate it with some coll Christmas ornaments. You just have to think about one thing that when you tuck new pine branches on your Artificial tree at this time you have to tuck it perfectly and see the space between your real branches and artificial branches. If this can not tuck perfectly then it looks not good enough in your Artificial tree.


4. Add An Authentic Scent:

When you are using an Artificial Tree and also use Pine branches on that then you are worried about natural fragrance, right? For that, you can add in your decoration Pine Scented Stick Ornaments to the back of the Christmas tree, in an inconspicuous spot. If you don’t want to use pine scented stick then in another option you can also use Pine needle essential oils for a natural solution, or you can use the pine-scented candle in the room.  


5. Spritz It With Fake Snow:

While you can dusting of artificial snow than that won’t make the tree look more real, it will spruce up lackluster branches. You have to take the tree outside before spraying the branches with a light, even you can be dusting of spray-on snow. Consider where snow would realistically hit the tree, and concentrate on the top of each branch. Let the tree settle and the fumes dissipate before bringing the tree back indoors.  


6. Top It With Tinsel:

If you are a fan of tinsel then this is a perfect opportunity to let it loose. Drape metallic tinsel on each branch, being sure to cover any obvious sparse sports. Because the tinsel drapes down in between the branches, it is the ideal decoration to fill a thin tree. 


7. Use a Standout Tree Stand:

Nothing can make a fake tree look cheap quite like an inexpensive plastic tree stand. Instead, cover the whole stand with a no-sew homemade tree skirt, or place the stand inside with a large woven basket and fill it with a pinecone. If you give your fake tree a sturdy hase then it will look more likely a real one. 


8. Add Lights:

The whole point of when you buying a pre-lit tree is so you can avoid wrapping it with string lights, but if you have your tree for a while, add some additional lights is an easy way to update it. lights can give your tree a new look