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How To Set Up Your Christmas Budget Plan ?

Here is the steps to set up your Christmas Budget Plan

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Jun 17, 2021


What is a Zero-based Budget?


First thing is that you need a little background on zero-based budgets. It’s pretty simple that your income minus expenses equal zero.


Here is one example that if you earn $3,000 a month, and you want every dollar you spend, and you have to save, give or invest to add up to $3,000 too. That way you know where every one of your hard-earned dollars is going. Without a Christmas budget, you might look up one day and find you have no money and then no clue about where it even went. That’s why having a zero-based budget is so important all year long, especially when you are trying to keep your Christmas spending from going off the rails.


How To Make a Zero-Based Christmas Budget Plan:


In many movies, you can see that in the classic Christmas movie that name is Home Alone, Kevin McCallister makes a plan for how he is going to tackle the intruders in his house and there is one little glue here, some glass ornaments there, and a couple of paint cans for good measure.


Here are some of the Points we covered to Make a Zero-Based Budget plan. Follow these steps and you can make your Christmas more beautiful in your Christmas budget. 


1. Write Down Your Monthly Income


What are your income counts? Easy any and all money that your household brings in each month is income. This can include things like paychecks, small-business income, side jobs, residual income, and any other money coming in.


Grab our favorite budgeting app, Christmas Budget Planner, and start jotting it all down. If it’s money that’s coming into your bank account this Christmas season, it counts!


2. Write Your Expenses


Even though we are hyper to focus on your Christmas budget, that doesn’t mean we can ignore all your regular monthly expenses. So, before the month begins, write down every expense you know is headed your way. Be sure to start your budget with the four walls that’s your food, utilities, shelter, and transportation. After those essentials are covered, list your other monthly expenses, like cable, phone bills, and everything in between.


Don’t just think about saving up for gifts and forget all the other fun that comes along with the Christmas season. You’ll probably need things like gift wrap, decorations, and ingredients for all those delicious Christmas dishes you make every year.



3. Subtract Your Expenses from your income equal to Zero


Here you have to deal with a zero-based budget: Every dollar needs a job! That means you need to have zero dollars left to budget. But it can take some practice to get this number to zero. Don’t be shocked if your income and expenses don’t balance each other and the first time you run the numbers. This just means you need to move some digits around.


And if you are someone with an irregular income then don’t sweat it. You can still use zero-based budgeting. It’s just as easy. Really.


How to set up a Christmas budget in Christmas Budget Planner


Ohh, Christmas gifts. It’s always better to give than to receive or you go over your Christmas budget, that is. Then you just end up with a twisted stomach like you ate some bad Christmas ham, and you can’t even enjoy the process of giving 



Here is how to set up a gift budget using our free budgeting app, Christmas Budget Planner.


- Add all the gift ideas.

- Define your budget and track your gift expenses that meet your budget plan.

- When you purchase any gift then mark this gift as a purchase.

- Protect your Christmas budget list with a password.

- Each and every year list will automatically be created and the previous list will go in the archive so you can access this list whenever you want.


How Christmas Budget Planner helps you to plan your budget?


Christmas Budget Planner Is a budget planning app to manage gifts that buy or plan a budget for these gifts. Simply add your budget for Christmas shopping and buy your gifts as these budgets. In addition to all this, you can see the protected list of your budget list. protect your budget list with passwords.


Herewith the help of the Christmas Budget Planner, you can plan your gifts and budget for the Christmas holiday. Celebrate this Christmas with your dear one to give a gift and presence with your budget. In Christmas Budget Planner you can enter all your gift ideas for Christmas. With this feature, you can never forget any of the gifts. You can define your budget and then start shopping for Christmas and track your expenses to meet your budget. When you purchase a gift for your dear one, then you can also mark this gift as a purchase and you will track your gift shopping in progress. You have full privacy with your Christmas list, you can protect your Christmas list with a password.