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Things to Know Thanksgiving Day in USA

Thanksgiving is a Federal holiday and it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States of America.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Nov 10, 2020


When is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a Federal holiday and it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States of America. Traditionally, this holiday celebrates the giving of thanks for the autumn harvest.



Us Holiday since 1863:

Thanksgiving Day has been an annual holiday in the United States since 1863. However, not everyone sees Thanksgiving Day as a cause for celebration. in the United States this celebration most important for the US people. This celebration starts in 1970, a group of Native Americans and their supporters have staged an annual protest for a National Day of Mourning at Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day. American Indian Heritage Day is also celebrated at this time of the year.


United States people claim that the first Thanksgiving Day was held in the city of El Paso, Texas, in 1598 and another early event was held in 1619 in the Virginia Colony. Many of the people trace the origins of the modern Thanksgiving Day to the harvest celebration the Pilgrims held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. However, their first true thanksgiving celebration was in 1623, when the people gave thanks for rain that ended a drought. On this day church has a special charge rather than another festive season.


When we go to the second half of the 1600s, thanksgivings after the harvest became more common and started to become annual events. After this all over the country celebrated this festive thing. However, they were celebrated on different days in different communities, and in some places, there were more than one thanksgiving each year. George Washington, the first president of the United States, proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day in 1789. This is a proud moment for all US people. 


Many have the day off:

On this day most of the government offices, businesses, schools, universities, colleges, and other organizations are closed Thanksgiving Day. Many offices and businesses allow staff to have a long four-day weekend for Thanksgiving, so these offices and businesses are also closed on the Day after Thanksgiving Day. this is a big festive season for all. Public transit systems usually do not operate on their regular timetables.


Thanksgiving day Observation: