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What people Do In Christmas Eve??

Here are the things that people doing in Christmas Eve

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 17, 2020


It is believed that Jesus Christ was born at midnight on 25th December. It is significant that everyone should be celebrating this day also. On this day people can do anything as a part of the celebration. 


This is the time of the year again that comes across the world and people would like to celebrate this day with too much enjoyment. This is just a day before Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, the world is celebrating Christmas Eve or Christmas evening. It is believed that Jesus Christ was born at midnight of 25th December and the significance of celebrating Christmas Eve has its roots in this belief.


The evening of December 24 comprises family gatherings and the midnight mass at church just before celebrations for the birthday of Jesus Christ begin. The midnight mass is considered to be the most important church service of the Christmas season across the many traditions. Christmas Eve is the day when people are doing a gift exchange with each other. This is one of the best traditions that everyone loves to do. In many countries, Christmas Eve is the day when people buy a Christmas tree that is decorated for the next day. So this is the obvious thing: Christmas Eve is the most enjoyable day ever in the year. Kids also love to decorate the Christmas tree so that they are also excited for the day they also do not sleep on Christmas Eve. Here are some Tips To Get Your Little One Sleep on Christmas Eve


Carol sang a huge part of mid-night masses on Christmas Eve. people spend days practicing for the evening. The carol is part of the Midnight Mass Communion Service on December 24 night. Churches across countries like Britain are usually illuminated with flickering candles and the echoes of the sound of carols at midnight. Christmas Carols are not just organized in churches, but people in certain countries call for groups of singers who then sing carols from the door or in a public gathering.  


Here are some of the things that people can do on Christmas Eve


1. Make Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Cocoa is one of the best parts of the holidays, so why not make it. One thing that you have to upgrade your favorite beverage on Christmas Eve with a whole chocolate bar? Just put both dark and milk chocolate choices along with the wide range of toppings not just whipped cream and marshmallows, but also chocolate shavings, chopped pecans, and crushed-up candy canes, guests will have a one blast building the messiest, craziest, and the most delicious desserts drink they can! 


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2. Hold A Christmas Cookie Competition To The Next Level

You can play a lot of delicious games on Christmas Eve. Ask everyone to bring a dozen cookies (or two dozen, that depend on how many guests you are having over). Each person who brings cookies can vote on their top three favorites, with three points awarded for a No 1 vote, two points for a No, 2 votes, and one point for No 3 vote. The cookie with the most points wins! (But everyone does this because of cookies)


3. Sprinkle Reindeer Dust In The Front Walkway

Just to be extra sure that Santa makes his way to your house this holiday, urge your kids or grandkids to sprinkle the Reindeer Dust in the Front walkway. If they want to create or they are creative then they arrange reindeer dust in the shape of an arrow so that Santa knows where to drop the presents.


4. Play Snowball Capture

How long has it been since you were in a good old-fashioned snowball fight? If you are someone who lives in a place that gets a good amount of snow, you can turn winter wonderland into a battleground with a game of capture the flag, but instead of tagging someone, you hit them with a snowball.



5. Give Brand New Pajamas

One of the pleasures of Christmas morning is lounging around in your pajamas. So this year you can consider giving everyone in the family a “pre-present”. You can give them new Christmas-themed Pajamas they can wear the next morning. Nothing being cozy as you open your presents and watch Christmas movies all day!


6. Christmas-ify “who I am”

“Who am I?” this the best and also played in large groups. And the best part is that all you need to play, aside from a lot of people is something to write with and sticky notes. Then stick this in everyone’s forehead, each person needs to guess what character they are by asking the other players yes or no questions. The goal is to not be the last person to correctly guess who they are.


7. Play “find Santa’s Friend”

A scavenger hunt to find Santa’s friends is a friendly game in which everyone’s wins. Here's how to set it up. After that collecting a variety of plastic elves and reindeers, hide them throughout the house.  Some of Santa’s friends should be easy to find out in just some cases the younger kids choose to play. Whereas other items should be harder to find for the older kids. Each kid that finds Santa’s friends will receive a Christmas gift


8. Play Bingo With Guest Instead Of Numbers

Playing bingo is having too much fun. Simply create a list of 10 to 15 traits or activities and give every participant the same list. ( be sure to throw in a few holiday-oriented traits and activities to match the Christmas spirit in your home)


Players have to walk around the room and find guests who match up with the items on the list, checking them off as they go. The winner is the person who fills in their list the fastest using a different person for each item. 


9. Play “Christmas memory”

Draw eight Christmas images: Christmas tree, Santa, a snowflake, etc., and then make duplicates of each for a total of 16 cards. Place the cards on the table upside down in a 4*4 layout. Each player gets a chance to pick a card and find its match. When a player finds a match, they get to keep it and it counts as a point. Play until someone reaches 20 points, which will take multiple rounds.


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10. Play The Candy Cane Game

This is a silly game that has the added benefit of providing a Christmas party favor for your guests to take home. You will need a lot of candy canes, chopsticks, a large bowl, and a small stocking.


Here’s how to play: 


Fill the bowl with the candy and place it on one end of a table. Put the stocking open. Give each person a chopstick to put their hands behind their backs and try to transfer as many candy canes from the bowl to the stocking as they can in one minute using only their chopstick. Whoever gets the most candy canes in the stocking wins!




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