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What should I do 3 days before Christmas?

Do this Three Things Before Christmas

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Dec 14, 2020


3 Days Till Christmas - # Things Worth To Doing It


With only three days left till Christmas, then it is time to take a reality check and revisit your holiday priorities list. For me, that means axing those non-essentials near the bottom that I haven’t been able to finish all those things. 


I will be shelving all those supplies for the last minute gift that I had hoped to make it. And the finally making peace with the bare evergreen wreath, hanging with undecorated on the front door. 

I know that I can’t do everything, but there are some of the simple activities that worth making time for in these last three days. 


1. Go for a walk:


It’s an important thing to get outdoor, breathe air, move your limbs, and hopefully raise your heart rate a bit. Everyone knows the kids to get out but we adults can do too.   


I know that there are so many activities on your to-do list Wrapping gifts, Christmas cooking, and maybe traveling. I guarantee a little time outdoors with your family, or maybe a solitary walk to save your sanity will give you the physical and mental boost you just have to need to finish your last-minute preparations. 


There so many activities but some activities you have to do at least so that it makes your Christmas day more special. 


2. Light candies:


If you are living in the northern part of the globe these are the darkest days of the whole year, and many of us are also cold. This is the stuff of storybook Christmases, but the dark and cold bring with them an emotional talk.


Especially today is the next to the darkest day of the year, light some candles and be thankful that sunlight is returning once again.  


Candies Light
Candies Light


3. Sing, Play, And Dance:




There is never a better time to go caroling than right now. Many of the suggestions in this post you can do at any time throughout the winter but caroling is truly a Christmas only opportunity. 


There are many of my best childhood memories of Christmas were going caroling on December 23rd. The night of my brother’s birthday. It was so festive and fun there was always a gang of us since we had celebrated a birthday party. 


Carolling without a group can be just a special through. Walking down your own street is a great way to meet your neighbors. 


Or maybe you know a shut-in you can surprise? What about a nearby hospital or assisted living facility? 

You don’t need to be so complicated, and you might be out for only half an hour, but it will still be worth it. 




Not just our family but in every family love to watch movies together in the winter on our computer monitor. It is easy to get carried away with this if we are not careful. 


Throughout the month we have opted for the games of carcades on some evenings instead of screen time. Honestly, at first, I thought, “isn’t charades kind of boring?” but it hasn’t been. Kiddos can be love acting and play games and parents love to laugh at their obscure and sometimes hilarious gestures. 




Maybe my children will grow out of “let’s have a dance party!” but I sure hope not.


Now’s the time to crank up the volume on Jingle Bell Rock and Sleigh Ride and boggle. A good dance party first thing in the morning can set a better tone for the whole day. 


Extra To-Do List:


Do Something That Filled With Christmas Spirit:


It is so easy to get caught up in the world of spending that sometimes we forget that the best Christmas things in life are free! I really love to make an intentional effort in doing FREE activities that fill us up with the Christmas spirit. Some of my favorites are driving around the neighborhood and looking at twinkle lights, writing a letter to Santa, and then delivering it by hand by going to a store that has the jolly man himself, reading a Christmas classic before bed, and writing a Christmas card to someone special. Do that thing that you want to do without any cost and make a creative in your cards and make someone special on this special day. Your simple one card can give someone a big smile and memory on this Christmas day. Do all this in your Free time. 




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