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Christmas Countdown: A Useful Checklist For Holiday Season

Here is a quick checklist we created to assist you in staying on course.

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Oct 05, 2022


The clock is tickingChristmas will be here in just three months. Even though it might seem like a while, it will pass quickly. Many of us are beginning our holiday shopping earlier than usual this year to spread the cost. Here is our monthly checklist, complete with a useful graphic to pin or print, to assist you in getting organized and maintaining your planning.



3 Months to Go


The planning stage is now!

  • Begin to plan your budget, and think about purchasing some items now to help spread the cost. 
  • List the gifts you need to purchase, in addition to family and friends.  
  • If you find a good deal stock up on ling learning or freezable foods right away 
  • Make a list of any additional items you may need to purchase or arrange, such as food or children’s holiday activity. 
  • Making a small wish list for yourself is worthwhile because someone will inevitably ask 
  • Think whether you need additional gifts, such as ones for the kids, teachers, or a secret Santa at work. 


2 Months to Go


  • This month shop early and have fun! Starting your holiday shopping in early and mid of October gives you plenty of time to find the ideal present without having to worry about delivery dates, items selling out, or getting wrapped in a time.
  • At this time if you are making your own cake then this is the time to take your recipe seriously and buy your ingredients now. It will always recommend starting to make a cake in advance, nearly 5 to 6 weeks ago. These can give you perfection in making a cake.
  • For all of your Christmas Cards, make sure you have enough stamps and envelopes. Additionally, it would be a good idea to mark any delivery deadlines in your calendar. especially if you will be sending something overseas.
  • This is a good time to get started on making your own cards if you are going to get crafty.  
  • Make a list of your holiday decorations. This will enable you to choose your theme and any additional items for your shopping list.
  • If you want to make your own Christmas Cards then this is the right time to start with


1 Month to Go

It's time to gather all of your last-minute necessities.


  • Order your traditional turkey well in advance if you plan to eat one this holiday season.
  • To avoid a chaotic evening of hurried gift wrapping on Christmas Eve, get started on your gift wrapping now if you haven't already.
  • Decorate your home! Others may strictly adhere to the "nothing until December" rule, while devoted holiday enthusiasts may have had their trees up months earlier. A month is enough time to put up the decorations and start the official Christmas countdown.
  • Start making plans for the big day and consider what little details might make the day go more smoothly. Perhaps you want to prepare a Christmas playlist, stock up on batteries for toys, or organize some enjoyable family games.
  • Create a menu for Christmas Day. If you're hosting guests, be sure to take any dietary restrictions into account.



1 Week to Go


At this point, hopefully, you can start to unwind and just take in all the joy that Christmas has to offer.

  • Organize and thoroughly clean the house. Okay, so this part isn't exactly enjoyable and relaxing, but on Christmas Day you'll appreciate it greatly and know exactly where everything is.
  • Purchase any fresh food you'll require for Christmas and Boxing Days. Of course, don't forget to give Santa a mince pie and some carrots for Rudolph!
  • Visit some Christmas light displays. Nothing is more enchanting than taking in the sight of Christmas lights, whether they are sophisticated and sparkling or brash and garish.


Here is a quick checklist we created to assist you in staying on course. Whatever makes this year's Christmas go more smoothly for you, print it out, bookmark it, or memorize it.