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Last Minute Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards

Chech out these best app for editing photos to create Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year greeting card

Posted By- Khyati Rathod | Posted On - Oct 13, 2022

When you're thinking about gifts, decorating, and what to bring to the holiday dinner, the holiday season can become hectic. Don't worry if you forget to send your holiday cards this year. Christmas Card Maker Perfect has a tonne of holiday-themed designs that you can use to spread goodwill. To wish your family and friends a happy holiday season, all it takes is a few clicks to create virtual holiday greeting cards!


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Best Happy Holiday Christmas App to Make a Cards

The best app for editing photos to create Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year greeting card is This Holiday Season Card Maker. It has everything you need to realize your vision, whether you're making quick holiday cards or selfies fit for social media.


Without having to worry about getting the glitter out of your hair, you can customize your holiday greeting cards to send your friends and family genuinely unforgettable pieces of art. Even if you're pressed for time, check out these five lovely holiday card ideas that you can make with Card Maker Perfect.


In the past ten years, e-cards have advanced significantly, enabling you to send your family and friends a modern family photo as well as the allure of a wintery landscape on their preferred devices. 


Christmas Card Maker e-card

With Christmas Card Maker, you can choose between sending a traditional card or an e-card, unlike with many other cards. Christmas card maker offers a wide variety of Christmas card designs, but they also have a collection of images for holiday invitations and cards that businesses can use. These can be available for both and Android & iPhone users, read the blog to know more about the features.


Printable Cards

On Etsy, look for a cute or humorous printable card. Your card is ready once you print it on your personal printer.


Last-minute Christmas cards made at home

You can still create lovely handmade Christmas cards even if you're pressed for time. The fundamental concept behind these cards is to use printed cards or papers rather than spending a lot of time meticulously fussy cutting images for embellishments.


Accordion Card

To make an accordion card, you'll need three identical-sized pieces of cardstock and a binder, or one long piece of cardstock that folds into three. Using Graphic 45 Ephemera cards from the St. Nicholas collection, I went with option one. Washi tape is used for the binding, making it quick and simple.

Gift Card Holder

Making a last-minute Christmas card into a gift card holder is another way to spice it up. This way, we'll have a card and a gift in one. Once more, using cardstock that has been precut will make the process go quickly. I once more used G45 Ephemera cards. If the cardstock already has designs, sayings, and decorations like these cards, it speeds up the process even more.


Christmas cards that are double-sided vs other formats

For many families, double-sided Christmas cards are a popular option. You can add more family photos or a unique Christmas greeting in the additional space on the back. For even more photo space, you can also choose gate-fold or tri-fold cards. You'll have a better idea of the kind of card to make once you've chosen which Christmas pictures you want to share with loved ones.


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